The Ginghams Paper Dolls (Free!)

The Ginghams Paper Dolls (Free!)

The Ginghams Paper Dolls (Free!)

Here is a free download of adorable paper dolls. This link will take you to The Ginghams Paper Dolls Book in PDF format. (Also see my post on The Ginghams Visit Grandma!)

I’ve already decided that I’m not showing this to Caroline until we get all the furniture, dolls and some of the clothes cut out. David will have to do all the cutting so I need to give him time to get some of it done while she’s in bed.  But I know she will love it.

Caroline has been playing with her Little House on the Prairie Paper Dolls quite a bit lately and it has been fun to watch her enjoying the Ingalls family.  I’m sure she will enjoy having some new paper friends to play with as well. Enjoy!  😀

7 thoughts on “The Ginghams Paper Dolls (Free!)

  1. Karen Jones

    These are so cute!! I actually got that little surge of joy at seeing the outfits that I remember feeling as a child!! I had completely forgotten that feeling at 52…the same feeling I got when seeing a brand new large box of Crayolas coming my way!!! I may print them off for my neices .Thanks Karen

  2. Amy

    Wow! I had these growing up! I had completely forgotten them. I ABSOLUTELY loved them!! Thanks for a great memory that I can share with my little one! 🙂

  3. Tammy

    I had a coloring book with these girls in it, when I was about 6. I loved that coloring book, and colored every single page, in order. 😀

  4. Maria Julia

    Many thanks for this lovely gift. I grew up with The Ginghams paper dolls! I loved these dolls. My grandma brought “Visiting Grandma” from the USA when I was a child. That was amazing for me. Now I have the opportunity to share it with my daughter. Great!

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