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During most of the year, we have a large wooden sign that sits on our fireplace mantle. It says:

“Let us be silent, so that we may hear the whisper of God.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I value quiet time with my thoughts. Not only do I value it, I need it.

I need it to process and hear myself think.

I need quiet so I can hear God speak.

Although God can speak above the roar of any crowd because He is omnipotent, I have found that it is most easy to hear Him when I am quiet.

Having a silent home for parts of the day has become exponentially easier as Caroline has gotten older and doesn’t need constant interaction and/or supervision. There were stretches during the early years that I despaired of ever having sustained silence in my home again.

But now it is possible to find times of quiet.

Especially at Christmas I think there is value in turning everything off and just sitting in the quiet. No music, nothing running… Just quiet.

Sitting quietly in front of the lit Christmas tree.

Or in front of the nativity.

Even for a few minutes, just to contemplate the coming of the baby. The wonder of the birth. The provision of a Savior. The miracle of sin forgiven. The answer to generations of waiting and longing.

During this busy season, I encourage you to give yourself permission to stop and take in a few minutes of quiet each day. If you have little ones, I know how hard it can be. But I do believe our Christmas season will be all the richer if we choose to do this.

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5 Days of Christmas Peace - Quiet


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