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God Cares About It All

God Cares About It All 2

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I mentioned recently that our church has been bringing us meals three days a week the past few weeks. It has been a blessing and a big help. On Tuesday I was thinking how good mashed potatoes and gravy sounded.  (Mashed potatoes and gravy is a food group in and of itself in my world.  But I “knew” no one would bring us mashed potatoes and gravy. Not practical for taking to someone’s house.

That evening one of the women from church, Karen, brought over our meal. She brought it in one of those glass 13×9 dishes that has the top and then the insulated carrying case. She said, “I thought you might be tired of casseroles and such so I brought you Sunday dinner.” She gave us a few other things and then left.

When we opened it up to eat, guess what it was? Roast beef, carrots, and mashed potatoes and gravy. One of my favorite meals.

Why do we ever doubt that God cares about us?

What made it even more amazing was that her roast beef tasted EXACTLY like my mom’s. I mean absolutely the same. You could have served it to me and I would have thought for sure my mom made it. I’ve never had anyone’s roast beef that tasted just like my mom’s.

That meal was such a blessing.

God also strengthened my faith two weeks ago in another way. I had an appointment with the sedation dentist. I had made it about a month prior and was supposed to send in my payment.  (You have to pay in full, in advance.) I put it off and put it off. I wrote to a friend that I just had a check in my spirit about the whole thing and I wasn’t sure why.  Finally they called about ten days before and I had a bad feeling about the whole thing from the phone call. I told them to go ahead and cancel the appointment. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I just felt the restraining hand of God had been at work.

Well, two weeks ago I knew why. I was way too sick to go to the appointment. I could never have made it through the procedure with all the neck problems I have been having. So God was watching out for me there as well, saving me the hassle of getting my money back and paying a cancellation fee.

All of this happened and came to mind when I read Brenda’s comment on a recent post:

I love the Streams in the Desert devotional. I used it during a time we were going through terrible circumstances and it spoke to me like nothing else.

I’ve had people write and ask how I developed such a deep faith. Going through the same kind of circumstances you are going through right now and “seeing God” at work in the trials.

I was reminded then of another post I had written recently.  My conclusion was this:

The only security we can truly have as we head into whatever we are currently heading into (and, yes, I think this is a long way from over – and hope I’m wrong) is our faith in God.  That’s all we have…

So while it is all fine and good to follow all the advice everyone is giving out right now, don’t miss the most important prep of all.  Strengthen your faith. Cast all your anxieties on Him. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of your faith. Even though the current events can threaten to overwhelm us and cause us much stress and anxiety, they are nothing but a blip in history.  But the lessons of faith that we learn during these times will be with us throughout all eternity.

I was struck by the fact that right after I wrote that, my health seriously went south.  And as Brenda mentioned in her comment, this has been an experience of growing my faith.  Over and over again in these recent weeks God has brought to me “Be still and know that I am God.”  It has popped up in readings, in cards people sent, etc.

And so that is one of the things I have been truly trying to concentrate on throughout this.  Be still and know that He is God.  Be STILL and know that He is God.  Be still and KNOW that He is God.  Be still and know that he is GOD.

Like most trials, this one has changed me.  It is still not over as I am still trying to regain my full health.  I still am not able to do everything I normally can do.  But my faith has been healed in some ways and has grown stronger in new ways.

God cares about me.  He cares about you.  He cares enough to direct my steps and decisions.  He cares enough to prompt someone to bring me Sunday dinner.

God is good.

God Cares About It All


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  • I have not stopped to write, but you have been in my prayers. What a rough time. Grateful that you can see encouragement through it all.

  • Sallie, I really loved this post. So encouraging. Yes, He does care for His flock!

    The mashed potato story… I call those “hugs from God”, and you sure got one! I can just imagine the look on your face and the feeling of amazement and gratitude in your heart when you lifted the cover to see that meal. And the fact that it tasted just like your *mother’s*… Wow. God is so kind to his children!

    Take good care of yourself and your sweet little family.

    in Alabama

  • What an encouraging post this was to read this morning, Sallie! It brought tears to my eyes as I was reminded how our Heaven Father does care about little things. I pray that His tender care over you would magnify His glory and increase your trust in Him — this is something I’m always learning too! 🙂

  • God is so good. I have experianced this very thing and am still in awe about the very personal love God shows.
    Eleven years ago I was told by a very good Dr. that I would be lucky to live 2 years as my heart was very damaged. I had just given birth to a lovely daughter and my dreams had all come true and it was all being yanked away so suddenly.
    I was devasted to say the least. I prayed for healing but at that very moment God had two gifts for me ….probably only another obsessed gardener would understand….for over 20 years I had been trying to grow foxgloves and watermelon with no luck….the day I came home from the hospital by my front door growing was a huge watermelon which I had not noticed all summer??!!! and as I walked slowly and sadly around the back yard I saw a wall of tall fully blooming foxgloves yes I had planted seeds there and lots of other places but never before had they grown in all those years.
    I knew this was from God and it gave me reason to praise God even from the valley of the shadow of death. Do you think God does this for comfort or to remind us to praise him when things are so low??? When it is so personal we cannot be mistaken. I said to my sister I prayed for a healing and God sent flowers and a fruit basket!! I got healing too.

  • Ruthanne,

    Yes, Sallie’s response was one of grateful joy. I can’t remember the words, but the expression had a “smile” about it.

    And yes, you should have seen Sallie enjoy the meal. I was enjoying Sallie’s “comfort” in her eyes and heart.

    The only bad thing about the meal was: no leftovers. 🙁

  • Ladies – Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

    Karen – I loved your story. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it.

  • It amazes me how many of us have had a special ‘touch’ by our God’s hand. Karen, thank you for sharing such a personal story. It touched my heart, as it did many others.

    My story is too long to write here, but Sallie’s story says it all – HE is our loving and personal Father.


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