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Beyond Anything We’ve Ever Seen – Window Frost

Beyond Anything We've Ever Seen - Window Frost 2

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“Sometimes I am completely perplexed by God’s willingness to humor man…When He wanted to lead the Magi to the Christ Child, He did not lead them by a mark in the sand. He led them through a star because they were star-gazers – then He went beyond anything they had ever seen… (W)hen God wanted to lead the Ephesians to the Savior, He did not lead them through a cloudy pillar. He got their attention through supernatural phenomena, because that’s where they were looking. God wants to be found…He is so gracious to show up right where we are looking – so He can take us beyond anything we’ve ever seen.” Beth Moore, To Live is Christ

After you’ve walked with God for a while, you start to notice that He has unique ways of “speaking” to you as an individual. Obviously God speaks through His Word and no other way of “speaking” will contradict what is written there. But God makes each of us with unique personalities, interests, etc. and I do believe God works through those.

God Speaks Through His Creation

One of the ways that God consistently speaks to me is through creation. Now you have to realize I am not a nature person in the sense of hiking, camping, etc. Just ask my husband who is usually quickly dispatched to take care of the occasional icky bug that invades our home! But I do take a lot of time each day to notice things like the birds, the sky, the stars, the trees, flowers, clouds, etc. Sometimes the beauty of creation is like a gentle reminder that God is there. Other times it seems as though God is shouting at me!

One morning several years ago I opened the mini-blinds in my husband’s office and found one of the most amazing displays of God’s artistry that I have ever had the personal joy of discovering.

Window Frost

The photos below show the window frost patterns that were on the window. (Some people call them fern frost or ice flowers.) To give some perspective, the top half of the double-hung window was approximately 18” x 24”. The photos show the display as you zoom in for a better look.

Window Frost Fern Frost Ice Flowers 1

Window Frost Fern Frost Ice Flowers 2

Window Frost Fern Frost Ice Flowers closeup

Whenever my husband and I see something incredible like this in God’s creation, we praise God for speaking to us in such a personal way.

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Beyond Anything We've Ever Seen - Window Frost


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