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Whenever I approach a challenge, my natural inclination is to simplify. I immediately ask myself how I can adjust the situation or my attitude to make it seem less overwhelming.

I think the Christmas season can qualify as a challenge for many of us. Smile.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially because we celebrate the birth of Christ. At the same time, pressures from without and within make it so easy to lose that focus.

And here is where I think many Christians, in particular, make their critical mistake as they try to manage Christmas.

We want to focus on the birth of Christ and so we add more and more ideas. We search for catchy ways to grab our children’s attention and show them that Christmas is about Jesus and not presents. We try to find the right activities, the right books and the right Pinterest projects. We add and add and add.

I’d like to humbly suggest that this is a mistake.

Instead of adding more and more in an effort to focus on Christ, might it be better to simplify our approach?

Yes, keep our focus on Christ! But not in any way that adds more busyness and lengthens our to do list for the holiday season.

Rather than asking yourself what you can add to your family celebration to remind everyone it is all about Christ, how about using what you already incorporate in your celebration?

When you read your collection of Christmas books, look for one way in each book that someone was Christ-like.

When you eat your chocolate advent calendar, try to determine one way the object could be related to Jesus or your faith.

When you listen to Christmas music in the car, ask your child to share one thing that the song tells us about Jesus.

Sounds much easier, doesn’t it?

Instead of adding more and more to your celebration (which adds more and more stress to your life), try simplifying by making the most of what you already incorporate into your Christmas celebration.

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5 Days of Christmas Peace - Simplify


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