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Presidents’ Day Unit Study

Presidents Day Unit Study Activities 2

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Presidents’ Day is coming up and I wanted to help you get a jump on your Presidents’ Day Unit Study planning! I’ve gathered up some great activities and resources that focus on the two American presidents we’re celebrating – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the combination of materials in this post is enough to put together a comprehensive Presidents’ Day unit study.

When I collect resources to share, I put a special emphasis on activities that engage children who don’t learn well with endless paper and pencil activities. You will find some more traditional learning activities here, but my focus is on highly-engaging learning for active kids who learn differently. I hope you enjoy this Presidents’ Day Unit Study!

If unit studies are new to you, check out my post on How to Create a Unit Study. You can also find a free unit study planner page in my subscriber only area.

Unit Study Planner

Presidents’ Day KWL

Start your Presidents Day unit study off with a KWL. KWL stands for Know, Want to know, and Learned.

Your learner lets you know what she already knows about the topic, what she wants to know, and (at the end) what she has learned. KWLs are a great way to document your child’s learning.

You can draw your own or these KWLs are both free in my subscriber only area!

Unit Study KWL VerticalUnit Study KWL VerticalUnit Study KWL HorizontalUnit Study KWL Horizontal

If your learner prefers something with a bit more color, this Presidents’ Day KWL is available in my shop.

Presidents' Day KWL

History of Presidents’ Day


Do you know how we came to have a Presidents’ Day? The Wikipedia entry has a brief history that includes the different names the holiday is given in different states.

This is a good introductory video for younger children.

Presidents’ Day Lapbook

This Presidents’ Day Lapbook (or Interactive Notebook) is a great way to learn about the holiday as well as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Presidents Day Lapbook

This is an easy to assemble lapbook and it looks great when it is done.

Presidents Day Lapbook 1

Presidents Day Lapbook 2

It is especially designed to work well with reluctant writers or children who struggle with writing.

Presidents Day Lapbook 3

Presidents Day Lapbook 4

Presidents Day Lapbook 6

The Presidents Day Lapbook or Interactive Notebook is available here.

Presidents’ Day Recipes

What are some of the favorite foods of President Washington and President Lincoln? Here are some that your child can make and try!



Presidents’ Day Picture Books

Presidents' DayPresidents’ DayPresidents' DayPresidents’ DayPresidents' DayPresidents’ DayPresidents' DayPresidents’ DayCelebrating President's Day: What Is a President?Celebrating President’s Day: What Is a President?

George Washington Mini Biography

For your visual learners, here is a short biography about Washington.

Abraham Lincoln Mini Biography

And here is another one in the same series about Lincoln.

Children’s Books about Washington and Lincoln

National Geographic Readers: George WashingtonNational Geographic Readers: George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonGeorge WashingtonRevolutionary War on WednesdayRevolutionary War on WednesdayThe American Revolution: Early AmericaThe American Revolution: Early AmericaDK Eyewitness Books: American RevolutionDK Eyewitness Books: American RevolutionNational Geographic Readers: Abraham LincolnNational Geographic Readers: Abraham LincolnDK Eyewitness Books: Civil WarDK Eyewitness Books: Civil WarIf You Were a Kid During the Civil WarIf You Were a Kid During the Civil War

Spelling Words

Use some or all of these for your spelling list!

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • George Washington
  • inauguration
  • slavery
  • president
  • American Revolution
  • Civil War
  • Delaware River
  • Mount Vernon
  • Ford’s Theater
  • Martha Washington
  • Mary Todd Lincoln
  • Illinois
  • Virginia
  • senator

George Washington Picture Books

Learn more about George Washington from his boyhood through his presidency.

Take the Lead, George Washington: An Inspirational Biography of the Childhood Years of the First U.S. President!Take the Lead, George Washington: An Inspirational Biography of the Childhood Years of the First U.S. President!A Picture Book of George WashingtonA Picture Book of George WashingtonGeorge Washington's CowsGeorge Washington’s CowsGeorge Washington: A Picture Book BiographyGeorge Washington: A Picture Book BiographyGeorge: George Washington, Our Founding Father (Mount Rushmore Presidential Series)George: George Washington, Our Founding Father (Mount Rushmore Presidential Series)When Washington Crossed the DelawareWhen Washington Crossed the DelawareGeorge Washington: The First PresidentGeorge Washington: The First PresidentGeorge Washington: Farmer, Soldier, PresidentGeorge Washington: Farmer, Soldier, PresidentGeorge Washington's BreakfastGeorge Washington’s BreakfastRow, Row, Row the Boats: A Fun Song About George Washington Crossing the DelawareRow, Row, Row the Boats: A Fun Song About George Washington Crossing the DelawareGeorge Washington and the Story of the U.s. ConstitutionGeorge Washington and the Story of the U.s. Constitution

Abraham Lincoln Picture Books

Read all about this remarkable man in a variety of picture books.

Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved BooksAbe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved BooksAbraham LincolnAbraham LincolnAbraham (Mount Rushmore Presidential Series)Abraham (Mount Rushmore Presidential Series)A Picture Book of Abraham LincolnA Picture Book of Abraham LincolnMy First Biography: Abraham LincolnMy First Biography: Abraham LincolnAbe Lincoln's HatAbe Lincoln’s HatWhere's Your Hat, Abe Lincoln?Where’s Your Hat, Abe Lincoln?Abraham Lincoln: Lawyer, President, EmancipatorAbraham Lincoln: Lawyer, President, Emancipator

Presidents’ Day Venn Diagram

Complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. You can draw your own or this one is available in my Subscriber Only Area.

Unit Study Venn Diagram

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Online Tour

The official Mount Vernon website is excellent and has many wonderful resources for those of us who don’t live close enough to see the estate in person. It includes videos, pictures and educational materials.



Virtual Tour of Abraham Lincoln’s Illinois Home

See Lincoln’s home

Creative Ideas

  • Design a postage stamp to celebrate either Washington, Lincoln, or both. (Free printable in my Subscriber Only Area)
  • Using the videos in this post as a guide, create a diorama of one of their homes.
  • Create a travel brochure for Mount Vernon or Lincoln’s Illinois home.
  • Pretend you could interview either Washington or Lincoln. Which would you choose? Write down 3-5 questions you would ask. Then write a newspaper article with what you think their answers would be.
  • Write a timeline of the most important events in Washington’s life or Lincoln’s life.

U. S. Presidents Fun Fact Cards

If you and your children want to learn about many of the presidents this month, check out my U.S. Presidents Fun Fact Cards. This is a collection of fascinating facts that you won’t find everywhere. I guarantee you will learn some fun things along with your children while using these!

U.S. Presidents Fun Fact CardsU.S. Presidents Fun Fact CardsBuy Now

U.S. Presidents Copywork

Your learners can also enjoy practicing their handwriting with the fun facts in copywork form. The copywork is available in print, cursive, and a print/cursive bundle.

U.S. Presidents Copywork – Print and CursiveU.S. Presidents Copywork – Print and CursiveBuy NowU.S. Presidents Cursive CopyworkU.S. Presidents Cursive CopyworkBuy NowU.S. Presidents Print CopyworkU.S. Presidents Print CopyworkBuy Now

Ford’s Theater Museum

Take an online tour and see the highlights of the museum at Ford’s Theater.

George Washington Costumes and Colonial Creative Play Costumes

If you have a creative child, then role playing can be one of the most effective ways to learn. Here are some fantastic children’s costumes for George Washington, Martha Washington, and other relevant people during his term in office.

George Washington Children's CostumeGeorge Washington Children’s CostumeMartha Washington Children's CostumeMartha Washington Children’s CostumeColonial Boy Children's CostumeColonial Boy Children’s CostumeGeorge Washington CostumeGeorge Washington CostumeWhite Colonial Child Wig and Tricorn HatWhite Colonial Child Wig and Tricorn HatAmerican Colonial Girl CostumeAmerican Colonial Girl CostumeColonial Girl CostumeColonial Girl CostumeBetsy Ross CostumeBetsy Ross CostumeColonial Lady CostumeColonial Lady Costume

Abraham Lincoln Costumes and Civil War Creative Play Costumes

And here are costumes from Abraham Lincoln’s time in office.

Honest Abe Lincoln Children's CostumeHonest Abe Lincoln Children’s CostumeAbraham Lincoln CostumeAbraham Lincoln CostumeAbe Lincoln CostumeAbe Lincoln CostumeSusan B. Anthony/Harriet Tubman Girl CostumeSusan B. Anthony/Harriet Tubman Girl CostumeCivil War Nurse CostumeCivil War Nurse CostumeUnion Officer CostumeUnion Officer CostumeConfederate Officer CostumeConfederate Officer CostumeSouthern Belle CostumeSouthern Belle CostumeSouthern Belle CostumeSouthern Belle CostumeSouthern Bell CostumeSouthern Bell CostumeGeorgia Peach CostumeGeorgia Peach Costume

Abraham Lincoln in The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has an online collection of materials about Abraham Lincoln that you can peruse with your children. There is lots there to provoke discussions about all aspects of Lincoln’s life.

lincoln library of congress

Presidents’ Day Writing and Notebooking Pages

Do some creative writing for Presidents’ Day! This Presidents’ Day Notebooking Pages includes both standard and primary lines in each design.

Presidents’ Day Notebooking PagesPresidents’ Day Notebooking PagesBuy Now

What Was in Lincoln’s Pockets?

See the contents of President Lincoln’s pockets in this short video filmed at the Library of Congress.

Presidents’ Day Activity Books and Coloring Books

Word searches, coloring pages, and other pencil activities are all great ways for children to learn!

Homes of the American Presidents Coloring BookHomes of the American Presidents Coloring BookAmerican Presidents Activity BookAmerican Presidents Activity BookPresidents Activity BookPresidents Activity BookAll About the Presidents Search-a-Word PuzzlesAll About the Presidents Search-a-Word PuzzlesPresidents Facts and Fun Activity BookPresidents Facts and Fun Activity BookAbraham Lincoln Coloring BookAbraham Lincoln Coloring Book

America Notebooking Pages, Literacy and Math Activities

If you want to go beyond Presidents’ Day materials this month and focus on America in multiple areas, here are four more products with activities to last for weeks!

I Love America Patriotic Notebooking PagesI Love America Patriotic Notebooking PagesBuy NowAmerica Literacy and Math PackAmerica Literacy and Math PackBuy NowAmerica Literacy ActivitiesAmerica Literacy ActivitiesBuy NowAmerica Math ActivitiesAmerica Math ActivitiesBuy Now

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Presidents’ Day activities and resources!

Presidents Day Unit Study Activities

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