My Homeschool Journal

My Homeschool Journal – April 2017

My Homeschool Journal - April 2017 2

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In My Life This Month

Last month I said that I was playing catch-up after Caroline was sick and then I was. Well, lather, rinse, repeat. I’m coming off the cold Caroline brought home. This time we all went through it and I got the tail end of it all. I keep looking at my calendar and thinking I have these wide open weeks to get things done and then boom! Sickness derails it all a bit.

David and I have been doing a bunch of things behind the scenes to make this site run better. We moved to https which basically means my site is super duper extra secure and Google won’t ding me in search results. For some reason, random posts are now missing their Amazon images so as I discover those I fix them. It’s really a bummer when it happens on posts like this one and this one with lots and lots of links. Oh, and I lost all my social media shares. So posts like this and this and this and this that had thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of shares? Poof. All gone. We’re still trying to figure out how to get those numbers back.

We also created a new logo for my site and all of my products. I have close to 300 printables and they have one of four logos, different terms of use pages, different promotional pages, different SAMPLE graphics, different copyright set-ups, etc. By the end of this month (God willing and no more sickness!), they will all be the same. This will be such a major accomplishment to finish. I told David that it’s been like having 300 tabs open in my mind, knowing this needs to all be updated. Time to close those tabs!

Anyway, here is my new logo.

Sallie Borrink - Discovering and Doing What WorksI love it. And I love the tagline because it sums up very well what I endeavor to do here as I learn and share what I learn to hopefully help others.

In Our Homeschool This Month

Math, cursive writing, read alouds, co-op, and therapy. Those are the “must do” items this month.

I continue to use the Brain Quest workbooks to spot check what she knows. Otherwise we’re pretty wide open and allowing Caroline to explore all the things she’s interested in.

Pre-KPre-KKindergartenKindergartenGrade 1Grade 1Grade 2Grade 2Grade 3Grade 3Grade 4Grade 4Grade 5Grade 5Grade 6Grade 6

Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing

Nothing very spectacular to report here!

My Favorite Thing This Month

I’m watching for the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks to return. I can never remember if they come in late April or early May. The juncos are still here, but one day they will head back north until October when they return to our feeders. We keep our birdfeeders operating all year or we miss out on the summer birds that come around.

I’m starting to read The Benedict Option. I won’t write about it here, but I will be writing about it on A Quiet Simple Life.

What’s Working for Us

Life. Truly. Today was one of those days where you get a glimpse of how much your hard work has paid off. We had to go sign a bunch of papers and Caroline went with us. The two women we met with thought Caroline was absolutely delightful. She did such a great job while we were there and I was so proud of her. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to really step back and realize – wow. At this moment, I can see so many things that have come together. Praise God!

Homeschool Questions and Thoughts I Have

I’ve been thinking a lot about unschooling and how all-in I am or should be with Caroline. I’ve been inspired by what Sue writes about at Stories of an Unschooling Family.

A Link to Share

Someone shared Math Antics in my Facebook feed this week and I thought I would mention it. I have no connection to the company and I am not a subscriber so I can’t tell you what you will get with the subscription. But the sample videos I looked at were well done and I think this could be a good option for some types of learners.

On My Blog In Case You Missed It

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Happy April!

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