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Homeschool Math Curriculum Ideas for Kids Who Learn Differently

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I’ve mentioned before that math has been a bit of a bugaboo in our homeschooling journey. So when I had the opportunity to share a few homeschool math curriculum ideas with you from the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op, I thought it would be a great opportunity both for me and my readers to learn more about what is available out there.

I am being compensated for my time to write this post and share this information. These are not reviews, but are provided for informational purposes.

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has an award-winning selection of math products, including core curriculum, supplemental, practice programs, struggling learner programs, and games. I looked through the math programs available on Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op and found five I wanted to highlight.

I deliberately chose ones that meet specific needs for children who learn differently and that I thought would best fit some of the needs I know my readers have. What is especially great is that through them you can get savings of up to 67% (compared to regular price outside of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op). I’ve purchased through them before and you can get some really great prices on things!

Highlights Math Mania

Highlights Math ManiaHighlights Mathmania books are for children aged 7-12 and include a variety of math-related activities with colorful illustrations, engaging themes, and a silly sense of humor to encourage kids to enjoy playing with numbers.

The puzzles are designed to reinforce a child’s ability in important areas such as:

  • recognize patterns, shapes and sequences
  • apply logic, make estimates
  • create graphs
  • use fractions
  • gain practical experience with money, time and measurements.

Every Mathmania book also contains a helpful page called “Hints and Bright Ideas” so if your child gets stuck on a particular puzzle, she can get a tip to help her keep going.

ST Math

ST MathMany students fail to really “get” math because, in part, math is taught procedurally, while many children learn best visually and experientially. This might apply to your student if she is struggling to grasp math concepts or can get correct answers without really understanding why they are correct.

The ST Math software game uses interactive, graphically-rich animations to help students grasp key math concepts visually. It is widely regarded as a leading — if not the leading — educational software for visual math learning. It is personalized and interactive so the game adjusts as your child plays. This means she practices exactly what she needs, not what a software developer somewhere thought should come next.

Right Start Mathematics

RightStart Homeschool MathI know there are many people who read here who have visual, kinesthetic, and/or auditory learners. RightStart Mathematics is a popular hands-on and visual program for early math learners that stresses understanding math concepts and problem solving throughout the curriculum.

The kits include lots of manipulatives including the AL Abacus which is the key component of the RightStart program. AL Abacus is grouped in fives and tens for quick recognition of quantities so children develop visual strategies as they use this and other manipulatives. The back side of the AL Abacus teaches place value to the thousands. Math card games are also included which provide additional practice opportunities.


MathseedsMany people are familiar with the Reading Eggs website and love it. Well, Mathseeds is published by the same company!

Mathseeds is an online, early math program for children (ages 3-6) which allows children to progress at their own level. Mathseeds offers a wide range of carefully structured lessons and activities designed to build mathematical skills in a way that is intended to be fun, motivating and engaging.

Caroline would have loved Mathseeds when she was young because of all the fun pets that hatch at the end of each lesson!


Reflex MathReflex is a game-based system that helps students develop instant recall of basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) while having fun. It includes fast-paced games with rewards for effort and progress.

Reflex’s adaptive online system continuously monitors performance and creates an optimal learning experience for every child. Parents have access to reports that help them understand their child’s progress.

I hope you find something on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op that will help your children tackle math!

Homeschool Math Curriculum Ideas for Kids Who Learn Differently


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  • I found Math Mammoth for my grandson.  He understood some concepts but couldn’t figure out the Common Core way of doing things.   In her program, Maria is able to reach him using different ways to learn things.  He learned 3 different ways for multiplication and he doesn’t struggle like he did before.  I liked it so well, I purchased the entire Light Blue Math Mammoth program for grades 1-7!  Thanks to the Homeschool Buyer’s Coop!

    • Kathleen,

      I’m so glad you were able to find something at the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op that worked for your grandson. I know Math Mammoth is popular with many families so I’m not surprised to hear it was a good solution for you as well.

      Best wishes!


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