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Everything Changes…

Everything changes… 2

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I’ve been contemplating how to write this post for a few weeks. I’ve come up with various titles, none of which really captured the content without giving it away. I guess the one I finally decided on sums things up the best even though it isn’t anything spectacular. It just seems like an important post like this should have a really catchy title and be full of wit and cleverness. Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from some serious brain-drain the past few weeks and I’ve been lucky to get anything written on this blog, let alone anything clever.

The truth of the matter is that I am suffering from a serious case of what I understand is clinically called “mommy-brain”.

Yes, I am going to have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On our anniversary a few weeks ago I took a pregnancy test on a whim, just to get it off my mind and confirm that once again for the umpteenth time in nine years that I wasn’t pregnant. Instead, I saw a big fat plus before the cap was even on! I found David and told him, “Happy Anniversary!”

After six tests over the next few days, I was convinced that something was going on. Blood tests through the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant and yesterday we saw the tiny little beating heart.

I am only six weeks along and I know conventional wisdom says that you shouldn’t announce it until you are out of the first trimester, but there was no way I could not write about this for six or seven more weeks! The past two weeks were hard enough! We are trusting God will protect our baby and keep it safe to delivery.

Actually, one fellow blogger has known for a couple of weeks. Spunky from Spunky Homeschool and I had emailed about getting together when she was in town for a homeschool conference. When she contacted me the day before she was coming to finalize getting together, I had just found out I was pregnant and was feeling pretty crummy. The mommy-brain was already in full swing! I didn’t want her to think I was always this dull of mind and conversation so we actually told her that evening when we picked her up. I almost cancelled because I felt so crummy, but I’m glad I didn’t because the three of us had a great time yakking for a couple of hours before she had to get back to her conference.

Overall, we are excited, but also a little overwhelmed. We had honestly started thinking that perhaps we were always going to be childless so although we had continued to “try”, we had also kind of started thinking long-term about life without children. So this is an adjustment in our thinking after nine years of just the two of us.

If the Lord brings me and the baby to mind, we would of course appreciate your prayers. I am “older” for having a first baby (I’ll be 39 when I deliver) and I have already found out that I will in all likelihood not be able to deliver the baby naturally. Of course, knowing from the start that I’ll be doing the zipper method eliminates a lot of decision-making for us so it isn’t all bad!

So that’s the story! My due date is October 3. Yes, we do plan on finding out what we are having. And, yes, we do have a preference. Of course, like all expectant parents we will be happy with whatever God sends, but David has been calling it a “her” so that should tell you which way our hearts are going. But we would also be happy with a little man to love as well. We’re trying to stick with calling him/her “Peanut”, but our bias does show!

So if the posts are a little slow around here and the email replies continue to be very slow (sorry!), you’ll know it is because I am once again sacked out on the couch all morning watching mindless sitcoms while I wait for my energy to kick in later in the morning! 😀

Everything changes…


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  • Sallie, this has to be your best post yet, and I have been reading for some time. I am absolutely thrilled for you and David, and I will pray everything will go well. Pam

  • Oh, Sallie–I am so happy for you, dear!!! 🙂 You will certainly be in my prayers. I’m sorry that you feel so awful, but what a great reason for it! 🙂 Rejoicing with you!!!

  • Sallie, I am so ecstatically happy for you!!! Even though I don’t even know you. 🙂 That is about the most wonderful baby news I have ever heard! What an awesome God we serve…

  • I’m so happy for you and your dear husband! How utterly thrilling! I will be absolutely be praying for you and the wee one. Yay for babies!

  • Wow! That made me all teary eyed, I’m so happy for you! My sister in law and her husband just adopted this year after over 20 years of trying, and they ended up taking in 2 babies, 6 weeks apart! It was so fun seeing them at Christmas and knowing the years of waiting were hard on them….so I can just imagine your joy!….as well as your misery! lol I was very sick with each of my pregnancies, so I can relate. My advice: drink water, drink water, drink water! Don’t get dehydrated. =)

    Just stay on your couch and get the rest you need and blog at us when you can. I’m so excited for you! And definitely will be praying.


  • Sallie,
    It’s late, but I just had to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was 39 when we adopted our “firstborn.” Join the club! It’s great! I’ll be praying for all three of you!

  • PRAISE THE LORD! I am So happy for you! oh my goodness, I really shouldn’t get this excited over people taht I only know online but I am SO HAPPY for you, did I say that already? Anyway, congrats and I love talking pregnancy and baby if you ever need anyone to talk to! Amie

  • Of course you don’t know me, but I’ve been admiring your blog partly because you were confronting issues of Christian womanhood in the face of infertility. I’ve been there, too, though I have one child now. I liked the fact that you didn’t run away from your desire to be a parent (I did sometimes). And now I’m looking forward to the privilege of being able to read your comments from the other side of the parenthood fence. Congratulations!

  • Wow, how exciting!!! This is your reward for working so hard on resting in the Lord’s peace this past year. I’m praying for you, your precious little one and your dh. May God allow this child to be a blessing to the world for many years.

    Don’t you worry about having a bunch of deep ideas or writing witty things for the next few months, you might break something ;-). Just let us know how you are doing and we’ll be happy. ï?Š Be sure to take lots of naps, too and enjoy this time of being two people.

    Oooh, now you can start researching Home Schooling seriously 😀

  • Oh how wonderful to read that you are having a baby :grin:…God always has great timing. How wonderful to find this out on your anniversay…
    Congratulations Sallie & David. I am so very happy for you.

    Lord of Heaven & Earth. I want to lift up Sallie, David and little one to You this morning. I want to thank you for your perfect timing. Lord, I am asking you to protect the baby and keep Sallie healthy during this pregnancy. In Jesus’ precious name. – Amen

  • This is always such wonderful news!! My advice: Drink lots of water, you will feel better. Having no energy is normal, and it is for a finite amount of time. Also, you will get lots of advise from everyone, just take it with a grain of salt, and listen to your doctor. There are lots of opinions out there, and some people can be quite brutal in pushing their way on you. I ended up with a C-section, and I had people trying to tell me to have it naturally. I chose to trust the doctor—she was concerned with my safety and the baby’s. I’ll be praying for you and your little one. God bless you!

  • Congratulations, Sallie!
    We’re all so excited for you! We’ll have to give you a virtual shower of some sort — and be sure your baby knows how many people are rejoicing with your sweet family.

  • I was wondering when you were going to say something. I have to say if that was a ‘brain drain’ moment I wonder what you are like at full strength. I’ve been praying for you.

    I had a wonderful time as well. I’m coming back to GR in the next few months so we’ll have to do it again. But if you decide to come my way let me know. I’ll be speaking at a conference in the Detroit area on March 18. Maybe you can do a road trip.

  • Oh I forgot to mention! I’ve had four c’s – so if you need to know anything…I think I can be counted as an expert! 😉

  • WOW! WOW! WOW! The best news ever. Blessings to you all. I had our first when I was 37 (no complications). Praying it will be a breeze for you. PTL!

  • Oh God *is* good! (not that I doubted it!) Thank you, Lord! I have been and will be praying for you! Oh what love, what *love* is in the air!

  • Congratulations!!!! What a wonderful time of year to have a baby!!

    I’m also expecting~due 9/21 and will be 39 at delivery. This will be #7 for me and I must say I feel you are at a slight advantage as I feel as though I am wearing out (in more ways than one!) God is good and motherhood is an awesome blessing~I’ll be praying for you and your little one.

    Congratulations again~Debbie

  • I’m a little late posting this comment, but I also want to say congratulations! That is just wonderful news! We look forward to sharing in this with you! Take care and rest up, teehee!

    Much Blessings


  • CONGRATS, Sallie! What exciting news! I am 38 and expecting in August. This is not our first though, so I can imagine your excitement must be HUGE!

    Have a blessed day! Tami

  • CONGRATS!! I will keep you in my prayers!! How exciting first babies are!! Take lots of pics of your belly you will be amazed at how much it changes!! And once its born take even more they change way to fast!!!!!!

  • congratulations! My last two babies were born when I was 39 and then 40 (the last one I got pregnant for around my 40th birthday). Everything went FINE!


  • Congratulations! I am also about 6 weeks along. I will keep you and that precious blessing in prayer. If I cross your mind please say a prayer for my little miracle as well. May the Lord bless you and bring this little wonder to be healthly and arrive safely in your arms where he may grow to love and serve his maker and desire to to know Him.


  • Congratulations! That is wonderful news. I knew someone who waited 17 years and was about 40 when she had her first. She had 3 or 4 in just a few years. One advantage to having a baby when you are older is that you are more mature. It will definitely be an adjustment to having a little one in your lives, though, but that is true for every baby. My 7th at 46 was no less an adjustment than my 1st at 21.
    I do want to encourage you to listen to the Lord, though, as opposed to the advice to listen to your doctor. He knows just what that baby needs and also what you are capable of. Doctors can be wrong and they are not who we are to trust in. I would do all the reading and studying you can about having a baby and about any complications you supposedly have. I will tell you that just because you are having your first baby at 39, you are not high risk even if the med system tells you that. Imagine what they would have done with Sarah or Elizabeth! I would be before the One who made you and made that sweet precious little one growing in the secret place for His advice and direction for you.
    Love and shalom,

  • Sallie,

    Where have I been….I guess I am getting senile, as somehow I “drove right past” this most wonderful of announcements!

    I will keep you, David, and your precious little one in my prayers! Oh, and my birhday is October 9th!

  • Thank you for sharing this fanastic news! I’m rejoicing for you! I had a miscarriage when I was 40 and haven’t got pregnant again but God led us to adopt two children. But my best friend from college just gave birth to a baby boy on Feb. 10 at the age of 45. The baby is perfectly healthy. My prayers are with you and the little one during the entire nine months and for a safe delievery. May God bless you and keep you. He is good!


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