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Baby Einstein Alphabooks

Baby Einstein Alphabooks 2

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We never really sat down and taught Caroline her ABC’s.  It just happened because we provided lots of interesting materials for her to use.  We used them with her, to be sure, but she was mostly self-taught.

I originally saw these Baby Einstein Alphabooks when I was pregnant and I thought they were the cutest things. I love little books in boxes so this was right up my alley. I didn’t buy them until after Caroline was born, but they were a great purchase.  She has used them time and time again.  We’ve probably had them well over a year and a half and she still regularly sits down and goes through them.

There is a little board book for each letter of the alphabet.  Each book has three words and a related photograph, work of art, or graphic.  They were also a great vocabulary tool as we talked about what was in each of the pictures.

Cute, compact, and clever.  Just what I like!  Highly recommended!

Baby Einstein Alphabooks

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  • […] We started “teaching” Caroline when she was about six months old. That’s when she would sit in our laps and look at baby books with us. I consider that the start of her language arts education. We also talked with her all the time. We used adult voices, adult sentence construction, and a rich vocabulary. We talked about the books we were sharing together. We talked about what we saw when we were in the car. We talked about everything. We didn’t let her watch TV until she was almost two. So from six months to twenty-three months, we read multiple books to her a couple of times a day and we had lots of conversations with her. She always had access to a huge basket full of books. We gave her a lot of unstructured play time. We utilized books for conversation. […]


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