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Gathered Around the Hearth

Gathered Around the Hearth 2

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We’ve been blessed with a cool spring that is only very slowly moving toward anything resembling warmer weather. I don’t mind because it affords us more time to enjoy the blessings of cooler weather – warm meals, the fireplace, and general coziness.

I’ve found that I’m really happiest when I have my little family gathered around me. We’ve enjoyed many cozy days and evenings lately in our small family room. This evening Caroline was creating a teddy bear out of felt, sewing it together and stuffing it with cotton balls. I was reading a favorite book and David was just rocking and resting in the glider. Telemann was quietly playing in the CD player. The rain was coming down outside, but the inside was welcoming with lamps and a fire.

David went out to bring in more firewood and Caroline stomped delightedly in the puddles around the house. Then we settled down to popcorn and the Little House on the Prairie TV pilot movie.

I really cannot imagine being much more content and thankful.

Simplify By Staying Home

I know I’ve written in the past that the easiest way to simplify is simply to stay home. We’ve had a lot of home time in recent weeks and we are all much happier. Time is multiplied by staying home. But not multiplied in order to try to accomplish more. Instead, multiplied to allow us to complete our tasks at a more leisurely pace.

Caroline is a homebody and many mornings when I ask her what she has on her agenda for the day she answers, “Stay home!” Staying home means she gets more time to play, more time to create, and more one-on-one time with Mama and Daddy.  For an imaginative six and a half year old, that’s pretty much heaven on earth.

Staying home means better meals and less rush.

Staying home means having the time to read an extra chapter.

Staying home means more conversations and knowing one another more completely.

Staying home means absorbing less advertising and spending less.

Staying home means making the most of what we have rather than racing out for more.

Gathered around the hearth I find much happiness and contentment.

Gathered Around the Hearth

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