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Free “Autumn Fires” Copywork

Autumn Fires Copywork 2

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Is everyone else relieved to see the calendar say “September” on it? I love this beautiful month of colors starting to appear in the trees, bright blue skies, and cooler temperatures. Sigh. It’s such a wonderful transition month.

This week our second grade blogging team is featuring activities and printables related to poetry. Poetry is a bit of a weak spot for me in terms of it not being my thing. There are a few poets I like and certain types of poetry that appeal to me.

I do like this Robert Louis Stevenson poem about the autumn. “Autumn Fires” is a simple poem with vivid imagery I enjoy. I thought it would make a lovely copywork printable for our poetry week.

Please download a free copy to use with your children or students. This copywork includes both print and cursive so you can use whichever works in your situation. (You can see all of my copywork products here.)

“Autumn Fires” Fall Copywork“Autumn Fires” Fall Copywork

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Autumn Fires Copywork

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  • Fantastic I had forgotten about copy work and as we have just been told that my son will be learning cursive writing at school this year this would be a great printable for him to do to get used it to.


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