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Free Squirrels Copywork

Squirrels Copywork 2

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Because we have multiple birdfeeders on two different birdfeeder pole systems, we always have a collection of squirrels in our backyard. Brown, grey and black squirrels all co-exist pretty peacefully. We keep them off the feeders by using squirrel baffles and they do an excellent job of keeping the ground under the feeders cleaned up! All that to say, I have a soft spot in my heart for squirrels and watching them carefully patpatpat with their paws as they bury nuts in my backyard.

This week our second grade blogging team is featuring activities and printables related to squirrels and acorns. Such a fun topic!

Squirrels Copywork Pack

I’ve created a free Squirrels Copywork mini-pack that includes three fun facts about squirrels as well as a cute photo to reinforce each fact. The pack includes both print and cursive.

Squirrels Fun Facts CopyworkSquirrels Fun Facts Copywork

I hope you will pop over to my shop and download a copy of Squirrels Copywork to use with your children or students. You can see all of my copywork products here.

Don’t miss the other second grade blogging team posts this week related to squirrels and nuts!

Acorn Arrays for Building Number Facts from Rainy Day Mum

Acorn Addition with Hundreds Chart from Life Over C’s

Acorn Gratitude Banner from Creative Family Fun

Fall Acorn Themed Vocabulary from Sugar Aunts

Squirrels Copywork

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