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The Real Phases of the Homeschool Year

The Real Phases of the Homeschool Year 2

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There is a graphic that floats around online about the phases of the school year for new teachers. There is so much truth in it and I wish I had seen it when I was a first year teacher.

After observing homeschoolers and being a homeschooler for a number of years, I’ve come to the conclusion that many of the same phases occur not just for new homeschoolers but almost all homeschoolers every single year.

Part of that is due to the fact that every year of homeschooling is different. Teachers often stay at the same grade level so there is some sense of continuity. For homeschoolers, it’s different grades and different needs every year.

I decided to create The Real Phases of the Homeschool Year and then put it into a pretty printable. I hope you will download the PDF at the end of the post and put it in your homeschool materials where you will see it again. When you are hitting the low points of the year that inevitably come, pull it out and realize what you are experiencing is not unique to you.

You are not a failure. You are not some odd mom who can’t make it work. Homeschooling can be a series of invigorating highs and numbing lows.

The Real Phases of the Homeschool Year-StrawberriesJust seeing the upward sweep will help you know that it will get better. You will get through the dark days of the winter. Your children are learning. The spring will come and you’ll be ready to do it again!

These downloadable PDFs coordinate with my four different homeschool planners. Download whichever color combination appeals to you!

Strawberries (PDF)

The Real Phases of the Homeschool Year-Strawberries
Pink Vintage Flowers  (PDF)

The Real Phases of the Homeschool Year-Pink Vintage
Pink Roses (PDF)

The Real Phases of the Homeschool Year-Pink Roses
Aqua and Yellow (PDF)

The Real Phases of the Homeschool Year-Yellow and Blue

This is part of my 10 Days of Homeschool Encouragement series.


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  • LOL! This is so true! I love how accurate the chart is. Thanks for this. A great reminder. Someone told me in my first year “if you aren’t burned out in February, you’re doing something wrong!” It’s how it goes when we’re giving our all.

  • Sallie, your graphic is so beautiful, thoughtful, and encouraging.  I love the sweeping motion of it…reminds me of how sometimes our emotions can fluctuate with the same up and down, unexpected momentum.  I’m definitely sharing this post! ❣

  • This is so true! It’s a great reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel when the days seem so hard. Thanks for the encouragement! Glad I found you on Pinterest!


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