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Chinese New Year Fun Facts Cards are a quick, and flexible way to learn. I discovered so many fascinating facts while researching these and I know you and your learners will enjoy them!

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Product Description

Chinese New Year Fun Facts Cards features:

  • 22 fascinating fact cards that introduce students to interesting facts about the Chinese New Year
  • Instant digital downloadable PDF
  • Perfect for multi-age groups of learners with kids ages 4-10

Chinese New Year Fun Fact Cards 1

Praise for Chinese New Year Fun Fact Cards

Here’s what teachers and parents said:

“Was useful for International Week! Thank you!”

“I have a child who was adopted from China. His mother did a fabulous unit on the Chinese New Year and this really was a great addition to the unit. Thank you.”

“Printing these soon! I think it will get them excited and help them learn more about the holiday each day.”

Chinese New Year Fun Fact Cards 4

Activity Ideas for Chinese New Year Fun Fact Cards

These cards are used multiple ways by teachers and parents including:

  • Quick Fun Fact – Read the fact card each day and store them in a small basket where the students can look at them again and again. Or keep the set on a ring.
  • Fact of the Day Bulletin Board – Read a fact each day and display the cards on a special bulletin board or foam board.
  • Hallway Display – One teacher displayed them on the hallway chalkboard outside her door so many students and adults could read them.
  • Calendar Pocket Chart – Put a fact behind each number on the calendar and have a different student take it out each day. You can then display on bulletin board.
  • Geography Extension – Put the cards on a wall map with a string that points to where it ties in.
  • Go Fish – Create two sets and use for a game of Go Fish.
  • Memory Game – Create two sets and use for a Memory Game.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Use the cards to create a Scavenger Hunt.
  • School Bulletin Board – One kindergarten class had two students take the fact of the day down to the office each morning, “teach” the fact to the office staff, and then display the cards on the office bulletin board for everyone in the school to see.

Chinese New Year Fun Fact Cards 3The cards are 3×3 and there are 6 on a page. I made them small so they easily slide behind your date cards on the calendar pocket chart. They are also a good size for small hands if using them for a game. I also made them smaller to find the balance between making them colorful, but not taking too much ink when you print them.

The cards are unnumbered so they can be used in any month and in any sequence. You can use all the cards in the set or only a portion. This provides maximum flexibility for the teacher’s schedule. Use one set all month or use parts of two sets depending on your needs.

Also included is a hyperlinked list of the relevant websites where the facts were located.

Chinese New Year Fun Fact Cards 2One teacher shared:

“My kids are addicted to reading these facts cards every morning. If I forget to read one, they are sooo quick to remind me. And the parents are learning too! During conferences, I had many parents tell me how much they had learned from their children when we read the apple and pumpkin cards. Thanks!”


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