10 Back to School Literacy and Math Activites


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Back to School is the theme of this literacy and math pack full of colorful school supplies graphics. These back to school literacy activities and centers as well as math activities and centers are perfect for your first few weeks of school!

This packet includes five literacy activities and five math activities perfect for centers.

See the full description below.

Product Description

This packet includes five literacy activities and five math activities perfect for centers. Colorful and clean designs make it easy for all children to concentrate on the task at hand rather than being overwhelmed by excessive graphics.

Each student recording sheet is offered in color and black and white.

These are appropriate primarily for first grade, but will also work well for kindergarten and second grade depending on current student skill level.


  • Word Families – Students will sort the word cards by word family (-at, -et, -it, -ot, and -un). They then list the word families on their answer sheet. Optional sorting mats are included.
  • ABC Order – Students will write the three words on each card in ABC order on their recording sheet.
  • Rhyming Match – Students will sort the cards to find the word pairs that rhyme. They will then write the pairs on their recording sheet.
  • I Have, Who Has – Students will play “I Have, Who Has” game featuring words from Fry’s First 100 Words. Words used include: the, and, you, that, was, for, are, with, his, be, it, this, have, from, words, not, we, had, said, all, your, she, will, up, out, many, so, by, about, how, each, their, them.
  • Short Vowels – Students will write the correct vowel in the box and then write the word.


  • School Supplies Graphing – Students will sort the school supplies cards into groups. They will then correctly graph the number of items.
  • Counting Blocks – Students will count the blocks (10s and 1s) on each card and then write their answers on the recording sheet.
  • Tally Marks – Students will count the tally marks on each card and record their answer on their answer sheet.
  • Number Match – Students will cut out the words for eleven through twenty and then glue them next to the correct number on their worksheet.
  • Number Ordering – Students will put number cards in order and then write on their recording sheet.


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