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Simple Apple Unit Ideas – Printables, Crafts, and Books

Simple Apple Unit Ideas Printables, Crafts and Books 2

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Preparing activities for an elementary apple-themed unit doesn’t have to be complicated. These fun, hands-on activities are easy to pull together and are sure to be a hit with all children! They work well with apple units, Johnny Appleseed Day on September 26, and National Apple Month in October.

Torn Paper Apple Craft

Make an apple with a small paper plate, red construction paper, green construction paper, and glue. Tear a piece of red construction paper into various-sized, rough edged pieces. Glue them onto the plate, overlapping the pieces and the edges. Tear a small green piece for the stem and glue it on to the top. An easy apple!

Compare Apples to Apples

Bring in as many different kinds of apples as possible. Choose a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Have the children brainstorm a list of words that describe the apples and make a list on a piece of chart paper. Then cut up three or four different kinds of apples so each student can have a taste of each one. Have the students examine them and compare the taste, flesh color, texture, etc. Create a chart with four sections and have the students list words for each different variety of apple.

Apples Unit with Craftivity

If you are looking for a complete apples unit, I have just the thing! My Apples Unit with Craftivity includes reading, writing, vocabulary, math, science and more! Full of colorful photos as well as print-and-go black/white printables, this has everything you need for your apple unit!

Apples Unit with CraftivityApples Unit with CraftivityBuy Now

Apple Fact Cards

A fun way to extend a unit on apples is with Apple Fun Fact Cards. These are a great add-on to your apple study and full of fascinating apple facts. There are many ways to use them including games, circle time, and more.

Apples Fun Facts CardsApples Fun Facts CardsBuy Now

Apple Recipe Book

Request that each child brings in a favorite apple recipe from home. Assemble them into a booklet and send home a copy for each family.

Apple Tasting Party

Try everything apple! Have the children brainstorm a list of all the things people eat made with apples. These would include applesauce, apple juice, dried apples, apple pie, apple fritters, etc. Then have a feast so the children can sample as many apple products as possible.

Apple KWL

Assess your students’ knowledge about apples by using a cute Apple KWL. This is a great tool for understanding where your children are in their learning, what interests them, and what they have learned at the end!

“One Red Apple” Picture Book

One Red Apple is a gorgeous book that traces the life cycle of an apple. Rather than a scientific look at the process, it is a more poetic and artistic telling of how an apple goes from being picked to growing into a tree and another apple.

One Red AppleOne Red Apple

“Apple Cider Making Days” Read Aloud

Apple Cider-Making Days is a delightful story about Alex and Abigail’s visit to their Grandpa’s apple farm. The story takes the reader through the entire apple cider making process as well as highlighting other events that take place at the family apple farm that opens to the public each fall. The illustrations are cozy and well-done and complete the story. The author has a downloadable teacher’s guide on her website.

Apple Cider-Making DaysApple Cider-Making Days

“Apples for Everyone” Picture Book

Apples for Everyone is part of the National Geographic Kids Picture the Seasons series. This book is full of colorful photos that capture all of the fun of apple season.

Apples for Everyone (Picture the Seasons)Apples for Everyone (Picture the Seasons)

“The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree” Book

The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree is a colorful, engaging book that traces the changes of an apple tree throughout the year. Told through the story of Arnold and his family enjoying the tree in each season, the story also includes a small cut-out section that explains how an apple cider press works which would be beneficial for students who live in an area without an active press to visit.

The Seasons of Arnold's Apple TreeThe Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree

Apple Printables to Download

These are all the apple-themed printables available for immediate download right on my site! You can also see all of my apple themed learning products in the Apple section of my shop!

Apples Unit with CraftivityApples Unit with CraftivityBuy NowApples Life Cycle CraftApples Life Cycle CraftBuy NowApples Fun Facts CardsApples Fun Facts CardsBuy NowApples Print CopyworkApples Print CopyworkBuy NowApples Cursive CopyworkApples Cursive CopyworkBuy NowApples Copywork – Print and CursiveApples Copywork – Print and CursiveBuy NowApples Galore! Literacy and Math Pack – 10 Centers and ActivitiesApples Galore! Literacy and Math Pack – 10 Centers and ActivitiesBuy NowMeasure with Apples Math Center ActivityMeasure with Apples Math Center ActivityBuy NowApple Writing Prompts and PapersApple Writing Prompts and PapersBuy NowApples Unit Bundle with Literacy and Math Activities, Fun Fact Cards and KWLApples Unit Bundle with Literacy and Math Activities, Fun Fact Cards and KWLBuy NowApples Graphing ActivityApples Graphing ActivityBuy NowApples Unit KWL ChartApples Unit KWL ChartBuy Now

More Books About Apples!

How Do Apples Grow?How Do Apples Grow?ApplesApplesApplesApplesTen Red ApplesTen Red ApplesCurious George Apple HarvestCurious George Apple HarvestApple Picking Day!Apple Picking Day!Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples!Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples!

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