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Crazy Busy or the Quiet of Home?

Crazy Busy or the Quiet of Home 2

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I noticed a number of years ago that if I ran into someone I hadn’t talked to recently and asked them how they were doing I almost always got the same answer: “Oh, I’m so busy!”

Now, however, it isn’t enough to be busy. You have to be crazy busy. Because in this country, don’t you know, you have to take everything to the next level. And that includes being insanely busy.

When Did Crazy Become a Worthwhile Goal?

I’ve made a point of not answering the “how are you doing” question with the answer “busy”.  And I’ve made deliberate choices over the past eight or nine years to avoid getting myself into a rat race type lifestyle that would necessitate such an answer. I have no desire to be crazy busy. Being crazy busy is not a badge of honor in my book.

Think about it… Crazy is a goal to aspire to? When did this happen in our culture? And, even more so, when did crazy become a biblical virtue?

Longing for the Quiet of Home

I would not say I have been crazy busy these past six weeks, especially by the standards that most people keep. But I have been too busy. I have literally been homesick and heartsick to be home for a full day.

Going through this was a good reminder to me of where I have come from and what I have accomplished in my life. No, not the accomplishment of being busy. Instead it is the accomplishment of being happy and content NOT being busy. The ability to be at home and be happy about it. In fact, to long for home and the quiet puttering around my house. Yes, there are days when I am ready to be out and about. But for the most part I find a great deal of joy and contentment at home.

Going through an unavoidable season where this was disrupted has simply helped me realize yet again the great value emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally and physically of being at home. I can point to examples in each of these areas where I/we have suffered because of the busyness. It has done little to enhance our home life in any way, shape or form.

So I am happy to let the crazy busy people continue on their way while I quietly go mine. I am drawing a thankful sigh of relief that I am just about through this season and that today, for the first time in a long time, I pulled out a beloved book, sat in a quiet room all alone, and peacefully sipped my coffee.

Home sweet home! 🙂

Crazy Busy or the Quiet of Home


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  • That is too true. I think it makes people feel alive when they are super busy. But really life has to come from our Lord Jesus Christ. When He is our life, sometimes He will lead us into seasons of extra business, but often He will want us to be quiet and be able to listen to Him. I think if more people were able to be still and know that He is God, they would have more peace in their lives.

  • I can relate with this post. I too am happy to stay home and not constantly be loading up my children in the vehicle and driving them around everywhere to this and that. We homeschool and spend the majority of our days at home. I get the comment from several people that they just couldn’t do that. Well, I couldn’t do the busy thing! I can always tell when we’ve been out and about too much because it makes me crabby and irritable. That and the house is a wreck! 🙂

  • You are so right! Some moms seem to be especially proud of the fact that they are on the run all the time. I think children will be discontent with staying home if they are out and about everyday. I homeschool so most of our days are spent home, learning and being together. Now that my daughter is 13, she is taking math and science classes two days a week but the other days we are home all day–and really look forward to it!

    “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life…….”

  • Oh, do I ever agree with this post! I started working again, tonight, and it has been roughly 4 weeks since Liam was born. Granted, it was for 4 hours this evening, and granted, it is only 8 hours a week today, but I have cherished every minute I’ve had at home. I do enjoy the opportunity I have to get out and about for a few hours with ‘adults’, while getting experience and finishing my masters’ degree, but coming home to my little guy was the greatest feeling! And what is even more satisfying to me is that I get to be with him constantly since I’m breastfeeding – while he’s dependent on me, I’m moreso dependent on him, for obvious reasons. 🙂

    I did the crazy busy season in college – sorority rushes, IVCF small group and large group, volunteering, McNair Scholars undergraduate research, working full time and getting my undergrad degree. Thank goodness that season is over!And it is sad to say, I’m only 25, but doing all that again? It’d kill me now!

    Sallie, you were right on the money with this post… 🙂

  • Oh, Sallie, I could crazy relate to this post!

    We don’t have very many days when we are gone during the week. In fact, Sunday is usually the only day we are gone together as a family. This fall I am teaching a high school homeschool coop speech class and I am gone for about 3 hours, which is a huge chunk of time for me to be out of my house! I am enjoying the time alone with my one son who is in the class so our travel time is really good. But still, I am such a homebody that it is hard to be gone. I know I have friends who cannot believe I could go nearly an entire week without leaving the house, but some weeks I do, especially in the winter.

    And this brings me to something else I am seeing more of lately…how many, many activities homeschoolers are throwing themselves into, joking about how much time they spend in the car. When my older children, who are now 32, 30, and 28 were the little ones, we never went anywhere. We had only one car which my husband drove to work. So we HAD to be home. As they were older, we went to AWANA as a family and they took piano lessons and that was it. Now, I am continually amazed at the outside activities that are available just for homeschoolers. I was too jealous of that time with my kids and didn’t want to share it with anyone.

  • I can relate to this post too.

    I just signed my child up for four-year-old soccer. Well, watching the “game” this week, I proclaimed that we may have all gone nuts indeed, including myself. The kids were doing anything BUT playing soccer. Picking dandelions, scouting juice boxes from their mommies, running off the field towards the playground.

    Then, my relatives with older kids are completely run ragged from activities. Sports all weekend. Sports in the evenings. Other activities too of course, sports not being the only culprit. As someone mentioned above, homeschoolers aren’t immune to this either.

    I am starting to think that we are all addicted to this constant activity, go, go, go and the more we are out of the house, the less we want to be there. And then our kids pick up on this too.

    Anyway, sorry for the novel! Your post really resonated with me and thoughts I have been having myself! Ann

  • Can I be crazy and busy at the same time without being crazy busy?:) Actually, life has slowed up here- it has to at 38 weeks pregnant…….but I am sure that will all change again soon.
    When life has been busy though I thoroughly cherish being at home- being under my time table and not feeling guilty about having to accomplish everything. I too like to get out……but my own armchair, a cup of tea and a book? Ahhh, bliss!

  • Me again.
    As believers I think it is all to easy tofall into the ‘very busy’ camp. Now, I am a strong advocate of the working church and the believers responsibility….and I mean strong. But it is so easy to be over busy all the time and to fail to be blessed and focused spiritually because of this.
    Also, while not many people home school over here, I know that some mums are constantly out and about at this or that group. Daniel today started tumble tots- 45 mins a week.It will begood for him. But there are any number of groups I don’t get to. I do not have a car most days- DH drives it to work, and I do think we have been blessed by ‘having’ to be at home sometimes. I have had such fun with my boy:)

  • As my children are getting older, and busier, I have given this a lot of consideration. When they were young, we didn’t have the money to put them in gymnastics classes, dance classes, a sport for every season, etc. We took advantage of the free baseball/softball the city offered every summer and I gave my kids piano lessons. They went to school and learned and sometimes had friends over, but mostly the four of them were their own best friends. I can remember the frustrations they had when they wanted their friends to come over to play but their friends didn’t have time because of this-or-that class or activity. I think this constant busy-ness in childhood can lead to a dissatisfaction with being still and listening for God’s direction. So many of these kids who are now young adults are restless for something to do. Maybe the parents thought that they had to give their children every opportunity. I admit, I felt guilty that I couldn’t give my kids “every opportunity”. But looking back, I think it has been to my kids’ advantage. Even with the younger two now so busy with marching band and musical practice, all four of them long to be home for some quiet time with family. I’m rambling, I know, but I’ve been so crazy busy this week *smile*, and I’m taking advantage of my Thursday off to be lazy and browse some of my favorite blogs.

  • I’ve enjoyed reading all these comments. I could relate to so much of what each of you wrote. I especially related to Darcy’s “crabby and irritable” comment (have you been peaking in my house lately?) as well as Ann’s comment of “I am starting to think that we are all addicted to this constant activity” (I think you are absolutely correct) and Beth’s comment of “So many of these kids who are now young adults are restless for something to do” (because that is exactly what I have had to overcome in my own life).

    Good thoughts! Thanks!

  • Hello, I came across your blog today and have loved reading it! The more i read it the more i feel like I get to know you. There are so many little things that you’ve written that we have in common. We both stay home with a little one and I’m like you in that I cherish the opportunity to stay home and enjoy the less busy life. I’m so glad i stopped by your blog! Well, i’m off to read some more and look around a bit. Thanks for sharing your heart with ua all here in blogland.


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