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A Snowy, Sleety Sunday in Mid-April

A Snowy, Sleety Sunday in Mid-April 2

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We’ve been in the midst of a spring snowstorm this weekend with howling winds, sleet, freezing rain, and snow. The winds have been relentless the last two nights, disrupting my sleep. But we press on!

I shared my Parenting and Homeschooling at Godspeed post last weekend, intending to follow up with more posts a few days later. Then I finally made the decision, after months of debate, to leave Facebook. So my time this week was spent preparing for that. It’s crazy how much work it is to leave Facebook, but it is when you use it for so many things. But I am just about there. Tomorrow evening I intend to download everything to save and then push “Delete” for my account and all the community pages associated with it. After two weeks, it will be gone. (Facebook gives you time to change your mind. I am not changing my mind.)

David is staying on Facebook which is fine. He doesn’t struggle with it the way I do and it is important for our business that he be on there. We will still have our business page and group, but I’ll only be able to access those through his account.

God speaks in themes in my life and He clearly was telling me to not look back with this change as well as others. The idea of not looking back came up in multiple and completely unrelated places in the same day after I finally made the decision and put things into motion. I clearly sense He is telling me it is time for new things. New ideas, new people, new routines, etc. Today my Streams in the Desert calendar said:

“There is nothing, indeed, which God will not do for a person who dares to step out upon what seems to be the mist, though as he puts down his foot he finds a rock beneath him.”

I started using Feedly again to subscribe to blogs and websites. I normally just pop in to various places, but decided to try to organize them in a way that put them all there. I’ll see if I like it or want to go back to my regular way. I also thought about putting together a post of blogs and websites I’m currently reading and visiting. I thought that might interest some people. I read a lot of different kinds of things, but always enjoy finding new ones!

Did you download this pretty graphic in the subscriber only area? We put four versions in there – black, red, teal, and purple.

I continue to drop links in the forum as I find articles that are interesting but don’t merit an entire post. If you ever find something you want to share there, please do!

So it’s off to bed on this lovely snowy night that looks like deep winter outside. I love the glow of the snow at night so I am lingering tonight to enjoy it. And just think! In only four and a half months we’ll be getting out the fall decorations. LOL!


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  • It is always nice to get encouragement from God that you are headed in the right direction!

    When the storm came through here, it was all snow…I think we got a bit more than the predicted 12 inches.  Cars (and buses!) sliding all over the place, my husband said.

    • Hi Peggy,

      It is so wonderful when it happens, especially when God doesn’t always confirm what we’ve done. I think maybe He knew this was such a big and difficult decision that I needed the extra encouragement. I’m very thankful.

      Caroline said she kept expecting to see Christmas decorations around today. This weather is totally nuts! LOL!


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