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Last year I spent a lot of time thinking about beauty and the necessity of prioritizing it in daily life. If you feel like you could use some encouragement in focusing on that which is beautiful, I encourage you to check out the archives I've tagged with Beauty for inspiration.

Surrounding ourselves with beauty, goodness, truth, wholesomeness, nobleness, excellence, and joy is a daily choice. It's a choice we must make over and over again because we are surrounded by a culture that values none of these things. If these Christian virtues are to reign in our homes, we must deliberately cultivate them each day. This starts in each of us as individuals and then thinking of ways we can purposefully inject them into the lives of our loved ones.

Never forget that with God's help you can transform the atmosphere of your home by making small choices every day that build on each other over the weeks and months. See some of the tools I have for that in the Christian Faith and A Quiet Simple Life Series sections in my shop.
Here are the most recent posts in case you missed them.

Simple Living This Week No. 58

"A good plan that is implemented today is better than a perfect plan that is implemented tomorrow." George Patton
Simple Living This Week No. 58

Don't Be Offended - Streams in the Desert

Don't Be Offended - Streams in the Desert
"Blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me." Luke 7:23

Brave Irene {A Month of Cozy Children's Books}

"Mama!" Irene shouted. "Mama, I found it!"
Brave Irene - A Month of Cozy Books 2
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