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Pre-Internet Junk – 7 Day Declutter Challenge

7 Day Declutter Challenge - Day 2w

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How did you do? Did you get rid of some stuff? Which room did you tackle first? Find anything amusing?

One of the things I finally started to get on top of this spring was my writing files.

People, I’m talking about files of stuff I collected PRE-INTERNET DAYS.

Do you know what I did with it?

Most of it went into the fireplace.

There was something really cathartic about about burning it all up. It was like letting go of the past and starting fresh.

Anything from your past you need to get rid of? Anything from your own pre-internet days that has no earthly purpose?

Go get rid of it and then come tell us about it so we can celebrate with you!

7 Day Declutter Challenge - Day 2

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  • Today I tackled the Learning Room! I organized Caroline’s paperwork and artwork for the past year. I took down all her artwork hanging on the wall and commissioned new artwork so we’ll have something nice on the walls before I have to take pictures for the Not Back to School Blog Hop in a few weeks. I sorted through piles of papers and pitched dozens and dozens of things we no longer needed. Hoping to finish up the rest of the clean out tomorrow! 🙂


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