8 Spring Literacy Activities Pack


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This spring-themed literacy pack contains eight reading and writing activities and is perfect for classroom learning centers or homeschool. It includes both full color and black/white pages.

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Product Description

It’s time for the beautiful colors of spring!  This spring literacy pack is designed for first grade or second grade, depending on student skill level.

The 33-page packet includes:

  • Syllable Count – Determine if the word has one, two or three syllables and record the answer on the student sheet.
  • Springtime True or False? – Cut out sentences and glue on recording sheet in either the true or false column.
  • Spring Cross Out – Cross out the word in each line that doesn’t belong. Then use some of the words to write three sentences about Spring.
  • Help Ladybug Get Home! – Make a path by coloring in the squares with long vowel sounds to help Ladybug get back to the garden.
  • Spring Sentence Scramble – Five different sentences on cute cards for students to put in order and record on the student sheet.
  • Spring List It! – Can you think of a spring word for each letter of the alphabet? Write as many as you can!
  • Noun or Verb? – Sort the cards into two piles (nouns and verbs) and record on student answer sheet.
  • Sight Word ABC Order – Each card has five words from Fry’s First 100 Words and the beginning of Fry’s Second 100 Words. Record the card number on the student answer sheet and write the five words in ABC order.

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