9 Picnic Literacy Activities Pack


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Bring the fun of picnics, grilling, and the outdoors to your learning plans. This picnic literacy activities pack includes 9 reading and writing activities.

See the Product Description below for more details.

Product Description

These picnic-themed activities are appropriate for first grade and second grade, depending on student skill level. Each student recording sheet is offered in color and black and white.

The packet includes:

  • Picnic ABC Order – Select six of the eighteen cards to put in ABC order and write them on their recording sheet. Then select six more and record in order. Then use the last six cards and record them in ABC order.
  • Short and Long Vowel Sounds – Sort cards into short and long vowel sounds piles and record on sheet.
  • Picnic Sentence Scramble – Unscramble sentence cards and write the sentences on the student recording sheet. Determine the correct capitalization and punctuation.
  • Fact or Opinion? – Read picnic-themed sentences, determine if they are fact or opinion, and circle the correct answer. Then write one original sentence about picnics and determine if the sentence is a fact or opinion.
  • How to Plan a Picnic – Write six steps to planning a picnic.
  • Compare and Contrast – Use a Venn diagram to compare ants and butterflies.
  • How Many Words? – Write as many words as possible using the letters in the words “Grilling Hamburgers.” At the bottom of the sheet are optional letters to cut out to arrange as desired.
  • Can-Have-Are – Complete the Can-Have-Are chart for ants.
  • Memory Game – Picnic-themed pictures in a memory game.


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