Brain Breaks Fun Movement Activities with Editable Cards


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Brain Breaks Fun Movement Activities can increase student productivity and improve the ability to concentrate and work effectively. Providing your students with the opportunity to move around and use their body will improve the brain/body connection. Even just a few minutes can make a tremendous difference in student performance!


Product Description

This set of 30 cards includes a variety of brain breaks activities from very simple to a little bit more involved with music or a small item such as a pencil.

Included are 4 editable cards so as you discover other great brain break ideas, you can easily add them to your collection!

Praise for Brain Breaks Fun Movement Activities

Here’s what teachers and parents said:

“My students and I both loved this resource!!! Thanks!”

“These will be a great addition to our brain breaks! Thanks!”

“These are going to be great when I’m substitute teaching.”

“Can’t wait to use these…”

“These ROCK!”

“Love this!”

Your students will thank you for the opportunity to move around and be mentally refreshed in the process!


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