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Have you ever noticed how often in Scripture people were called to walk alone? How often God set people apart for a specific purpose? Asked them to do things that seemed odd or crazy?

We read those stories about Moses, Jonah, Esther, Abraham, Joseph, Jeremiah, etc. and rather gloss over the day-to-day realities of their lives. We read their entire life story in less than an hour and see it all neatly wrapped up at the end. In reality, they lived it for years and, in some cases, decades. Some of them walked relatively alone in the midst of a hostile culture for quite some time.

In our world today, simple living with a focus on following Christ is sometimes going to look like that. Except remember you aren't alone. If you belong to Him, Jesus is interceding for you at the right hand of the Father. The Holy Spirit indwells you and leads you. You are never alone. It might feel like it, but we aren't called to walk by feelings. We're called to walk by faith in light of the truth.

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O’Sullivan’s First Law Applied to the Christian Life

O’Sullivan’s First Law Applied to the Christian Life
"We must get up every day and purpose in our hearts to trust God, be in His Word, be in prayer, and keep our focus on the truth He has revealed to us in His Word."

Editable Homeschool Planners (2021-2022)

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Editable Homeschool Planners (2021-2022)

Simple Living This Week No. 63

Simple Living This Week No. 63
You're serving someone and you are teaching your children to serve someone.
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