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Review of New Testament Overview by Grapevine Studies

Review of New Testament Overview by Grapevine Studies 2

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I’ve been familiar with Grapevine Studies for a number of years. My husband, David, does graphic design work for them so I’ve been privy to see the different covers and products developed during that time. I always had in the back of my mind that it might be a good product to use with Caroline because she likes to draw. This year for second grade I decided to take the plunge and contacted Dianna Wiebe to ask if she’d like to do a swap of curriculum for a review. She agreed so here we are! (I received this curriculum free of charge in exchange for my honest review.)

After trying the Life of Fred for math and Caroline shooting it down in flames, I admit I was a bit concerned she would do the same thing with Grapevine. In fact, I even waited a couple of weeks before I tried it out on her so as not to introduce too many news things at once.

I had nothing to worry about.

Caroline LOVES doing Bible with Grapevine Studies. (Insert relieved Mama sigh here.)

Caroline is not fond of writing but she LOVES to draw so stick figuring through the Bible is the perfect way for us to do Bible together. The biggest challenge is keeping her to the basic stick figures because in her world everything is better with embellishment!  But it works out fine because she keeps busy with her embellishments while I’m reading the passages.

Using the Grapevine Press New Testament Overview

The lessons are very straightforward and easy to prepare/use. I’m using the digital version so I print off a bunch of pages at a time for my teacher binder and Caroline’s book. There is minimal prep which I really appreciate.


I installed a whiteboard for this school year that is low to the ground. I did it that way so Caroline could sit on the floor and draw on it whenever she wanted. So when we do Bible, we sit on the floor and I do my drawings on the whiteboard and she does them on her sheet. This is a nice change of pace for us and she is always eager to get to Bible time!


I write out the Bible verse on sentence strips and display it in our sentence strip pocket chart on the wall. I don’t require Caroline to memorize it at this point since like most right-brained children memorization of most things is not her cup of tea. But we do go over the verse many times and I trust it is getting locked away in there somewhere. 🙂

Overall, I’m very pleased with our experience so far. It truly could not have gone any better. I’m just sorry I waited a few extra weeks to get started! I highly recommend the curriculum, especially for children who are reluctant writers but do love to draw. I think this is probably the perfect Bible curriculum for them.


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Review of New Testament Overview by Grapevine Studies


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