Winter Reading and Writing Mini Pack


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Looking for something different to do with your learner this winter? This fun Winter Reading and Writing Mini Pack includes three easy-to-use activities. Just print and go!

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Product Description

This pack includes three fun activities for your younger learners. Great for a substitute teacher folder or back-up for when mom is sick.

Winter True and False

Your students will cut out the ten statements about winter, read them, and glue them into either the True column or False column on their sheet.

My Winter Favorites Mini Book

This is a fun little mini book where your students will record their favorite aspects of winter and then illustrate each page. It highlights the five senses and then four additional pages for nine potential pages plus a cute cover. Use as many or as few pages as works for your students.

Reading Response

There are two different reading response sheets that work with any book. Your students will identify something from the beginning, the middle and the end as well as their favorite part or favorite character (depending on the response sheet).


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