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Adventures in Odyssey from Focus on the Family

Adventures in Odyssey from Focus on the Family 2

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The intricacies of friendship has been a popular topic of conversation in our home as of late. So when I had the opportunity to check out a set of six stories from Adventures in Odyssey entitled Up in the Air on true friendship and reconciliation, I thought Caroline and I would find it interesting and timely!

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Adventures in Odyssey Audio Dramas

(Caroline and Big Bear loved listening!)

Adventures in Odyssey Series

If you aren’t familiar with Adventures in Odyssey, they have been around a long time. A LONG time. The series is produced by Focus on the Family and began in 1987. It amazingly totals over 800 episodes now.

Adventures in Odyssey is the ongoing story about a small town called Odyssey. Much of the story centers around an ice cream shop called Whit’s End, owned by a gentleman named John Avery Whittaker.

The stories are dramatized in a way that kids find highly-engaging and entertaining. In the midst of it all, listeners learn important life and faith lessons without the stories being excessively preachy.

Adventures in Odyssey

Up in the Air from Adventures in Odyssey

The set we received is Adventures in Odyssey (AIO #62) Up in the Air. There are six episodes on this two CD set. The episodes include:

  • Find a Penny Part 1 and 2
  • Friend or Foe
  • Have a Heart
  • B-TV: Revenge
  • Crash Course

The friendship topics covered in these episodes include:

  • bullying and a changed heart
  • making friends with the school bad-girl and true friendship
  • revenge
  • facing your problems
  • and more!

Up in the Air Adventures in Odyssey CD Set

Using Audio Dramas

If using audio dramas would be new for your family, there are lots of ways to incorporate these into your life. There are many ways audio dramas can come in handy in so many places!

  • Car trips
  • Running errands
  • Homeschooling
  • Character development
  • Winding down at bedtime
  • When kids are sick and need something quiet to do
  • Learning for auditory learners
  • Giving mom a break for a little while!

So if audio dramas are something you think would benefit your family (and I think that would be most families!), you can check out an audio preview of Up in the Air and get started! You’ll also be able to see lots of other Adventures in Odyssey CD sets that cover a wide variety of topics for just about every family.

Adventures in Odyssey Giveaway!

Focus on the Family is giving away 30 CDs! So if you think your children would enjoy listening to fun stories like these, feel free to enter right here.

Adventures in Odyssey from Focus on the Family


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