Meet Sallie


What do you long for?

Do you long for a life that is cozy?

And by cozy, I don’t mean full of blankets and hot cocoa.

I mean a life that gives a feeling of peace, understanding, and joy to you and your loved ones.

Cozy living is what I call the coming together of purposeful living, simple living, and faithful living.

Cozy living is living simply and purposefully according to our deeply held beliefs.

When we choose cozy living we bring peace, understanding, and joy to our homes.

If this sounds like you, then welcome! You are in the right place. I help people cultivate a cozy home, a haven of rest and growth for every area – parenting, education, marriage, and faith. 

Meet Sallie

I’m Sallie. My degree is in Elementary Education, but my passion has always been writing and helping others find answers to their questions and problems. This site is full of stories from my own life, ideas for how to bring cozy to your home, and thoughts on how to make big decisions in every part of life.

This website is my home online and where I devote my time. After much trial and error with social media and spreading myself too thin, I made the choice to base my interactions here where I can truly get to know people. So I welcome conversations in the comments of my posts (no matter how old they are!) and do my best to respond to them in a timely manner.

Please join the conversations you find that interest you! We can all learn a great deal from each other so feel free to share your insights and knowledge in the comments of posts that resonate with you. Many of my popular posts have excellent comment threads so don’t miss those!

I also have a forum that is relatively new. I set it up when I realized I was probably going to be leaving Facebook and I wanted to provide an open place for other conversations. You are welcome to start threads there as well.

I have created this website to be a beautiful, restful place and I hope you find it so.

Other miscellaneous things to know about me…

My Family

David and I met online via AOL back in the days when no one knew anyone who had married someone they met online. We met and married in nine months to the shock of many. Twenty-one years later we’re still best friends and happily married. Not only that, we like each other enough to work together from home. 😀

Caroline is eleven years old and every bone in her body is filled with creativity and imagination. She especially enjoys painting, drawing, and computer games that allow her to use her creative skills. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help her discover the exciting world of reading, history, science, nature and everything else! We’ve progressed through an interesting journey with her as an only child, high need infant, highly-sensitive and spirited child, and now understanding after two rounds of testing (round one and round two) that she is a twice-exceptional gifted child.

My Homeschool Philosophy

I taught in a variety of schools including private, Christian, Classical Christian, and charter.  My educational philosophy has evolved a great deal radically changed, especially since becoming a mother to the creative, right brained child I have. Our homeschool approach is some form of parent-influenced, interest-led, collaborative relaxed homeschooling that borders on is pretty much unschooling.

My Printables Shop

Does it seem weird that we’re very relaxed homeschoolers and yet I love to create learning printables? Not really. At least not to me. Children and families learn many different ways. We do what works in our home for our daughter, but I know that other families need to do something very different. Often that includes more traditional type learning materials.

Because I enjoy creating these materials, I have an extensive shop full of fun learning materials that are especially grouped around themes. Thematic learning is a powerful way for children to learn. (Some people call thematic learning unit studies. I use both terms.)

I also have a subscriber only area that also contains many lovely and useful printables.

What Can I Help You With First?

There is so much here and I’d like to help you find what you need!

First, I encourage your to subscribe to my site using the box below. If you would like more information about what to expect when you subscribe, I detail that here.

The big sections of my site are broken down by the following categories. There is overlap amongst them because I believe in living an integrated life. But these will help you get started.


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  • We would like to order the 3×3 bingo cards. How soon are will we be able to get them? We need them by next Tuesday. Thank you.

  • Karen,

    The cards come as a downloadable file so you can have them instantly. You will receive a link to a PDF file and then you can print them off on your end. You can buy them right here via PayPal.

    Thanks for asking and let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Wow! Impressive giveaway! It is huge! I can’t seem to get the link to work for following Mrs. hug-bug on Pinterest. I tried searching for her but that didn’t work. Can you please email me the link? Thank you.

  • I am new to your blog and was curious how old or what level Caroline is. I have an only child, as well, who sounds a lot like Caroline in learning style and temperament. My girl is three, but very interested in school on her own time and with lots of variety. Her best time of day is evening for focusing on school. We are mastering basic skills and accomplish parent-directed play which we call “school”, but she begs for more school. I am always trying to prepare for the future. Your blog sounds like only a few years ahead?!

  • LeAnn,

    Thank you for your comment. Caroline will be seven in late September. She is technically in second grade although she is far beyond that in some areas and not up to that in others (like most children).

    I’m pretty much an advocate of lots of free play while children are little. We did give Caroline lots of learning things to play with and lots of books, but I did very little direct instruction with her (even last year). We started letting her play on the computer when she was in kindergarten and we were really selective about the DVDs we let her watch. We don’t watch TV and we didn’t let her watch DVDs until she was almost two. We read multiple books to her every day starting around six months. And we talk a lot. I think reading aloud, lots of adult conversation with her (not talking down to her, ever), and giving her many interesting things to play with has served her well.

    If you look through the archives here, you’ll find some posts about preschool and kindergarten. But not a lot because we were so open ended there wasn’t a lot to “report” on and because I try to protect her privacy as much as possible. 🙂

  • My first-graders loved your Pilgrim Sentence Scramble. I divided them into groups and had them help each other to figure out the order. It’s now part of my Thanksgiving Unit.

  • Hello! So I was (foolishly) under the impression that the color/shapes bingo was a PDF download. Could you confirm that it is going to be shipped and give me an idea of when I can expect the cards? I am planning on using it in my class in 2 weeks.

  • Hi Reeny – They are a download. You should have received a download link within a minute or two. I just emailed you the file at your aim email. Please let me know when you receive them. Thank you!

  • I found your blog site while looking for such as you say…restful places online for women. I am a young 66 yrs. old, married to a retired businessman, two grown children with families, and a Christian believer, definitely in need of respite from things like facebook, and all the busyness of the world…even on the web. Most websites for women are way too hyped up and all I do is feel stressed, falsely guilty, and obligated when I visit most of them. So far I have found several of your articles to be restful and something I can relate to even at this point in my life.
    I’m finding a desperate need to narrow down my priorities as I age, as it feels as if my life here on earth is passing by too quickly. I’m finding I don’t want to waste any time on things, and the many of the demands of others, that seem so trivial to me now. I look forward, hopefully, to reading more of your restful writings and beautiful photos. Thank you.

    • Hi Sandy!

      I’m so pleased your found your way here. And I’m glad I found your comments. (They ended up in the spam folder for some reason.)

      I love the perspective you shared about what is important in life. Thank you!


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