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Bannon: "What is Monkeypox?"

Dr. Malone: "Misdirection play." “Classic fearporn…”

"... they already have stockpiled vaccines for smallpox. What they bought is more smallpox vaccines... The name of the product is called JYNNEOS... It is marketed by Bavarian Nordic in you all you have to do is search for package insert JYNNEOS and you'll pull up the package insert for the product and they will find that this is absolutely not a benign product…” “This has as one of the leading rare serious adverse events. Wait for it. cardiotoxicity myocarditis."
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The most damning thing about this Put it into context of what we know president Obama was briefed in 2016 Hillary Clinton was planning to create a Russian collusion scandal targeting Trump he was given that briefing- that was 3 days before the start of the Russian collusion investigation it was 2 months before Sussmann tried to push the Alfa bank claims that were completely baseless to the FBI