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Working from Home Resources 2

I left teaching and began working from home almost twenty years ago. David was downsized out of his long-term corporate job in 2001. We’ve been working at home together ever since. As you can imagine, we’ve learned a lot along the way.

David & Sallie – Your Partners for Small Business Success


Arts & Letters, Inc. is our full time business and you can find us at David and Sallie. We enjoy helping other small businesses succeed! Whether it is a solopreneur, work-at-home mom, or small business, we have experience in helping people grow their business.

David is a professional web designer and graphic designer with extensive experience in web design, advertising, marketing, package design, and publishing. We also offer WordPress Website Maintenance Packages and Support Plans for all sizes of businesses. I enjoy helping our clients with writing and editing needs. I invite you to click over and view our portfolio!

Blogging Services I Pay For and Use

This isn’t necessarily related to learning, but since I receive questions about blogging services I thought I would add these at the end for those who are interested.

These are all services and products I pay for and use for my website and online work.

Don’t be fooled by bloggers who are pushing cheap web hosting to make huge referral fees, but do not use it for themselves. Most of those cheap services have terrible customer service, terrible up times, etc.


I have tried a lot of different services for managing my email lists. I’ve tried Active Campaign, Convert Kit, and was a MadMimi customer for many years. MailerLite is my current email program. Why?

MailerLite is the right combination of features and price. Active Campaign and CovertKit are overkill for most people and they are expensive. MadMimi was good for some time, but didn’t offer some of the things MailerLite does.

I’ve been very happy with MailerLite, their customer service, and the overall user experience. I highly recommend them!


Inmotion Hosting is the service we use for all of our websites. We formerly used a cheaper service and I’m here to tell you – don’t waste your time!

Inmotion offers many different kinds of hosting for all sizes of blogs and websites. We’ve been so pleased with them that I offer them without reservation.


Jaaxy is a fantastic keyword service I subscribe to and use. They don’t have any flashy banners for me to put here. Just a great website that helps me so much in my blogging work.

However, you can try out their tool for free! Just enter a keyword term you would like to search and you will have the opportunity to sign up for a free trial.

Easy Product Displays

This is the most amazing service I pay for and I’m not exaggerating! Using Easy Product Display (EPD) makes it possible for me to create pages with my products, book recommendations, etc. that all line up nice neatly without going insane with complicated coding. I wish I had found this years ago!

Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle Affiliates

Pajama Affiliates

Pajama Affiliates offers the most affordable, practical, and approachable affiliate marketing classes I’ve found. These cleared up so much for me! I’ve linked to their Blogging Business Bundle which is the best deal, but they also have smaller courses if you want to start with one of those.

Selling on Teachers Pay Teachers

If you are creative and interested in educational products, selling on Teachers Pay Teachers or your own website can be a great work-at-home business. Click here to explore Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT).

Working from Home Resources

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