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This Presidents’ Day lapbook (or interactive notebook) is a helpful introductory overview of Presidents’ Day and focuses on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a few books about the topic.

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Product Description

This content-rich lapbook requires minimal writing and is perfect for reluctant writers. It also includes many pictures so it’s great for visual learners.

Praise for Presidents’ Day Lapbook

Other teachers and parents said:

“Great resource!!!! AWESOME!!!”

“Really great for differentiating”

“They loved it. Thanks for the great lesson.”

Presidents’ Day Lapbook

The Presidents’ Day Lapbook includes:

  • Create a Cover – Choose a title box and pictures to decorate the cover. They will cut them out and glue.
  • George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Fact Flaps  – Cut out the terms/phrases related to the different facts about each president and glue them under the appropriate flap.
  • Presidents’ Day Book – Cut out the book pages and the answers, glue the correct answer on each page, illustrate each page in the small box, and staple the pages together to make a book.
  • The Gettysburg Address – Cut out The Gettysburg Address and glue into lapbook.
  • Washington Quotes – Cut out the Washington quotes and glue into the lapbook.
  • Presidents’ Day Memory Game – Cut out and glue the card holder and cut out two sets of cards for a memory game.

Your learners will also enjoy these learning activities that complement this lapbook: U.S. Presidents Fun Fact Cards and America Literacy and Math Pack.


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