10 Apples Literacy and Math Activities


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There are apples galore in this themed pack that features 5 math and 5 literacy activities. (This is one of my favorite products I’ve created!)

These activities are primarily for First Grade, but will also work with Kindergarten and Second Grade depending on the ability levels of the students. The student pages are provided in both color and black and white.

See the Product Description below for more details.

Product Description

The design is clean and uncluttered to help students focus on the learning activity at hand.

Here is what is included.


  • Tally Time – Students count the objects on each card. They write the correct number of tally marks on the student answer sheet.
  • Telling Time (Three Options of Hour and Half Hour) – Students determine the time on each card and record their answers on the student recording sheet. There are three different recording sheets so this activity could be done three times. The first sheet is for 12 cards and hour only. The second sheet has 16 spots and is for both hour and half hour. (The teacher can choose any combination of the 24 cards to use with it.) The third sheet has 24 spots so all hour and half hour combinations can be used.
  • Apple Addition – Students complete the addition problems on the cards and then record their answers on the answer sheet. Problems include: 4+3, 5+1, 2+3, 3+3, 2+2, 5+2, 2+4, 5+5, 4+4, 1+4, 6+2, 4+5.
  • Odd or Even? – Students sort the number cards (select numbers from 1-100) into odd and even piles. They record their answers on the student sheet. Two optional sorting mats are included.
  • Write the Shapes – Students determine the shape on each card and then write the appropriate word on the recording sheet. The recording sheet has a word bank with the shape words to be used.


  • Apples Galore! Student Book – Students complete the fill in the blank sentence on each page with a word or two and then illustrate. There are seven different pages so you can select as many as you would like to include based on your class’s ability level.
  • Apple Sentence Scramble – Students unscramble the six sets of sentence cards and then write the sentences on the student recording sheet.
  • Apple True or False? – Students cut out the ten sentences about apples. They will determine if the statement is true or false and paste it in the correct column on the student sheet.
  • Write the Room – Students practice writing words from around the room. There are four different Write the Room pages in this pack. They are: Letters in the Word (words with 2 letters, words with 3 letters, words with 4 letters, and words with 5+ letters), Words with A or E, Words with I or O, and Words with U or Y.
  • Apples and Watermelons Venn Diagram – Students compare and contrast apples and watermelons. They complete one fill in the blank sentence at the bottom that explains which one they like best and why.


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