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This literacy pack celebrates America with 23 activities (plus three bonus activities). This is a great collection of activities for your learner who need hands-on learning and not just another worksheet.

This literacy pack is part of my larger America Literacy and Math Pack. It also has a coordinating America Math Pack.

See the Product Description below for more details.

Product Description

This pack is designed primarily for first grade, but could also work in kindergarten or second grade depending on student ability. All student sheets are provided in both color and black/white.

America Literacy Activities

  • President True or False – Cut out statements, determine if they are true or false, and then glue them in the correct section of the sheet.
  • Scrambled Sentences – Unscramble the sentence on the six card set and then write the correct sentence on the recording sheet. OR Use the worksheet with the scrambled sentences (no cards) to unscrambled and record.
  • America ABC Order – Put four words on each task card in ABC order and write on recording sheet.
  • Write the Room – Complete write the room tasks. There are four sheets in this pack: short/long vowels, common/proper nouns, 1-2-3-4+ syllables, and person/place/thing.
  • President versus King Venn Diagram – Brainstorm the differences and similarities between a king and president.
  • George Washington versus Abraham Lincoln Venn Diagram – Brainstorm the differences and similarities between the two presidents.
  • If I Were President – Write a brief statement and illustrate four things they would do if they were president.
  • My American Favorites Mini Book – Fill in blank of up to 12 different favorites and illustrate each half page. The teacher may choose as many different topics/pages as she would like.
  • America Cross Out – Cross out the word in each row that doesn’t belong with the rest and then write a few sentences at the bottom using some of the words listed above.
  • My July 4th History Book Mini Book – Learn fascinating facts about July 4th and illustrate each page.
  • How To Become President – List five steps to becoming president.
  • Dear Mr. President – Write a letter to the president.
  • Four Great Things about America – Write about four things that are great about America.
  • My Favorite Place in America – Write about a favorite place in America and illustrate it as though it is a newspaper article.
  • America List It! – Attempt to write one word about America for each letter of the alphabet.
  • I Love America! – Tell what they like about America by writing one word for each letter in “I Love America”
  • How Many Words? – Write as many words as they can using the letters in “Washington, D.C.”
  • Reading Response – Illustrate the Beginning, Middle, End and My favorite part.
  • A Story Map – Identify Title, Author, Characters, Setting, Beginning, Middle and End.
  • A Story Web – Identify Title, Author, Main Characters, Setting, Problem and Solution.
  • America and The President Writing Papers – Titled pages with lines for writing and a large box on top for illustrating. Includes both primary dotted lines and regular lines options for both topics.
  • Word Bank – A printable sheet word bank with 42 relevant words for any America-related unit. Teacher can laminate and put in centers or hand out for students to use during the unit.
  • Word Wall Cards – A set of 42 word wall cards on red and blue star backgrounds.

Other America Activities

  • America Word Search – Fun America-themed word search. No backwards or diagonal words.
  • Memory Game – Fun game for center time or early finishers.
  • Inauguration Day KWL – Explore Inauguration Day with this KWL activity.


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