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Finding the right homeschool printable planner or editable printable planner makes life so much better. But that is easier said than done. Many of the available printable planners don’t meet real life needs for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest problems is the lack of flexibility and lack of being able to edit the planners. I decided to solve that problem by creating a series of Editable Printable Planners and Editable Homeschool Planners.

Best Homeschool Planner and Printable Planner

I think my planners offer the best homeschool planner and printable planner options. But there are so many planners available that I bet you’re wondering what makes mine unique. I’m glad you asked! My planners differ from others in four key ways.

Pretty and Simple Planners

One, the designs are pretty and simple. So many of the printable planners available are funky, loud, or overly designed with so many elements the design overwhelms the functionality. I purposely chose to make my planners pretty and simple because I know many women like to work with peaceful  materials. Each planner theme has multiple lovely designs in it.

Complete Printable Planners

Two, they are complete. I spent hours researching so I could include as much as possible. This means you don’t have to run around from website to website trying to find this form or that calendar format. These planners at 174 pages and 299 pages are complete. It’s fun to grab free printables here and there, but it doesn’t make for a very complete and ready to use planner. I know many moms would prefer to get everything in one place rather than spending hours chasing printables of questionable quality.

Flexible Printable Planners

Three, they are flexible. I’ve provided multiple versions of the most commonly used forms, planning pages, and calendars. You won’t be locked into the same calendar every month. If your life changes, your homeschool plans change, or you just need something different… It’s all there. Simply print what you already have right in front of you.

Editable Planners

Four, my planners are editable. This will save you so much time if you choose to do your planner on screen. They will also print off just fine to be used as a template for writing directly on. But the editable fields give you lots of options to save time.

So let’s take a look and see which design you might enjoy using this year and some of the features! Please note that all four designs are available in both the printable planner version and the homeschool printable planner version.

Strawberries Homeschool Planner and Printable Planners

The Strawberries theme offers a fun collection of pages in reds, pinks, blues, and greens. These are such pretty designs! See the homeschool planner or the regular planner.

Strawberry Editable Planner

Vintage Flowers Homeschool Planner and Printable Planners

The Vintage Flowers theme is a peachy pink, sage green, and light taupe color scheme. See the homeschool planner or the regular planner.

Vintage Pink Flowers Editable Planner

Aqua and Yellow Homeschool Planner and Printable Planners

The Aqua and Yellow theme includes a fun light aqua, dark aqua, dark yellow, and light gold color comibation. See the homeschool planner or the regular planner.

Aqua and Yellow Editable Planner

Pink Roses Homeschool Planner and Printable Planners

Pink Roses is a lovely theme of light and dark pink, a gorgeous blue that almost looks a little green at times, and a green accent color on the leaves. See the homeschool planner or the regular planner.

Pink Roses Editable Planner

Editable Homeschool Planner and Editable Printable Planner Options

I’ve designed both the Printable Planners and the Homeschool Planners to offer a great variety with lots of customizable options. Right now I’m going to highlight the theme I’m currently using – Strawberries. (I could not pick a favorite. I like all four designs best at different times!) But all of these features are included in each of the four designs.

There are a variety of colorful covers so you can choose the one that suits you best. Both front and back covers are included if you choose to bind your planner rather than putting it in a three-ring binder.

Strawberry Editable Planner

Strawberry Editable Planner Cover Designs

All of the cover designs come with matching spines.

Strawberry Editable Planner Binder Spine

The spines come in three sizes so you can use the one that works best for your binder needs.

(See! I told you I tried to think of everything when designing these planners!)

Strawberry Cover and Spines

Strawberry Cover and Spines 2

All of the planners include three different versions of the monthly planner. You can decide if you prefer one page vertical

Strawberry Planner Monthly Calendar Vertical

one page horizontal

Strawberry Planner Monthly Calendar Horizontal

or two page vertical.

Strawberry Planner Monthly Calendar Two Page Vertical

There are colorful divider pages for each month

Strawberry Divider - July

that coordinate with the calendar pages for that month.

Strawberry Divider - August

There are several designs used throughout the year.

Strawberry Divider - December

Every planner includes weekly planning pages

Strawberry Weekly Planner

as well as daily planning pages in a few different designs

Strawberry Daily Planner

that will work well if you like to incorporate a bullet type journal in a printable planner!

Strawberry Calendar

There are a lot of different kinds of pages such as Daily Gratitude

Strawberry Daily Gratitude

and Prayer and Praise in multiple designs.

Strawberry Prayer and Praise

Homeschool Printable Planner

The Homeschool Planner is 299 pages and includes the Printable Planner described above (175 pages) and an additional Homeschool Planner (124 pages.)

The Homeschool Planner is full of practical forms, calendars, and more. There are weekly planning pages, daily planning pages, record keeping pages, and so much more!

Strawberry Daily Planner for Homeschool

You can see the entire list of everything that is included in the homeschool planner in the shop. Or go directly to the one you like best!

So which planner will you use this year? Click here to see them all!

Editable Planners and Homeschool Planners 2

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