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Editable Printable Planners and Homeschool Planners

Editable Planners and Homeschool Planners 3

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So it’s time to get organized? You want to stay on top of the planning and paper work once and for all? Great! I love organizing and I’m totally a paper person. When I couldn’t find a planner that fit my needs, I decided to create my own series of Editable Printable Planners and Editable Homeschool Planners.

There are so many planners available that I bet you’re wondering what makes mine unique? I’m glad you asked! My Planners and Homeschool Planners differ from others in three key ways.

One, they are beautiful and lovely. So many of the printable planners available are funky, loud, or crazy in their design scheme. I purposely chose to make my planners beautiful because I know some women like peaceful and lovely materials to work with.

Two, they are complete. I spent hours researching so I could include as much as possible. This means you don’t have to run around from website to website trying to find this form or that calendar format. These planners at 150 pages and 225 pages are complete.

Three, they are flexible. I’ve provided multiple versions of the most commonly used forms, planning pages, and calendars. You won’t be locked into the same calendar every month. If your life changes, your homeschool plans change or you just need something different… It’s all there. Simply print what you already have right in front of you.

So let’s take a look and see which one you might enjoy working with this year! I’m highlighting three of the four planner designs.


Strawberries Editable Planner Cover

Vintage Pink Flowers

Vintage Pink Flowers Editable Planner

and Aqua and Yellow.

Aqua and Yellow Printable Planner and Editable PlannerThere is also Pink Roses in the shop!

I’ve designed both the Printable Planners and the Homeschool Planners to offer a great variety with lots of customizable options. Right now I’m going to highlight my personal favorite and the one I’m currently using – Strawberries. But all of these features are included in each of the four designs!

Some of the great features of these planners you will enjoy include…

A variety of colorful covers so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Strawberries Editable Planner CoverStrawberries Editable Planner Pages

All of the cover designs come with matching spines.

Strawberries Editable Planners Binder SpineThe spines come in three sizes so you can use the one that works best for your binder needs.

Strawberries Editable Planner Cover and Spines

Strawberrries Editable Homeschool Planner Cover and SpinesAll of the planners include three different versions of the monthly planner. You can decide if you prefer one page vertical

Strawberries Printable Planner Vertical One Page Calendarone page horizontal

Strawberries Printable Planner Horizontal One Page Calendaror two page vertical.

Strawberries Printable Planner VerticalTwo Page CalendarThere are colorful divider pages for each month.

Strawberries Printable Planner Divider Pagethat coordinate with the calendar pages for that month.

Strawberries Editable Planner Divider PageThere are several designs used throughout the year.

Strawberries Editable Homeschool Planner Divider PageEvery planner includes weekly planning pages

Strawberry Weekly Planneras well as daily planning pages in a few different designs

Strawberry Daily Plannerthat will work well if you like to incorporate a bullet type journal in a printable planner!

Strawberry Calendar There are a lot of different kinds of pages such as Daily Gratitude

Strawberry Daily Gratitudeand Prayer and Praise in multiple designs.

Strawberry Prayer and PraiseIf you need the Printable Planner (150 pages) and also homeschool, you can purchase the Homeschool Planner (225 pages) instead. It is the Printable Planner plus a huge addition of homeschool printables. You can see the entire list of everything that is included in the shop.

Strawberry Daily Planner for HomeschoolThe Homeschool Planner is full of great printables, forms, calendars and more. It comes in four different designs, each one perfect for a colorful and lovely year.

So which planner will you use this year? Click here to choose the perfect one!

Aqua and Yellow Editable Planner Cover

A Look in My PlannerEditable Planners and Homeschool Planners


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