5 Days of Christmas Peace

Pray – 5 Days of Christmas Peace

5 Days of Christmas Peace - Pray 2

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I admit that I struggle to maintain regular prayer times. I send up many quick prayers for help throughout the day on a regular basis so my thoughts are never far from God and my need for His presence and help. We pray before each meal and with Caroline at bedtime. And we pray as things come up that we know we need prayer for in the moment. But I have struggled to maintain a regular prayer time of lengthy prayer since I became a mother.

It’s unfortunate because I know the power of regular prayer time. I know the peace that comes from spending time in prayer each day alone with God. Yes, God will always hear me when I pray, even when it is a quick prayer. But times of sustained prayer make such a tremendous difference in my spiritual life. When I miss them, my life is the poorer because of it.

During this Christmas season as I look to experience Christ’s peace, I’m making more of an effort to have some extended periods of prayer time alone. I want the peace of God that transcends all understanding to guard my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus. As I take the time to lay my burdens down, I can experience greater peace as I go forward each day.

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5 Days of Christmas Peace - Pray

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