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Potato: A Tale from the Great Depression – Learning from The Great Depression

Potato - A Tale from the Great Depression 2

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Every once in awhile you see a book somewhere that draws you in and you know you have to buy it. Potato: A Tale From The Great Depression was that way for me. It brings a complicated time down to a simple level for children, showing them what life was like for one family during the Great Depression.

Kate Lied writes the story of her grandparents, Clarence and Agnes, and what happened when Clarence lost his job. They had not been married all that long and they had a baby girl. But with determination, courage and hard physical work they were able to persevere during those difficult years.

The story is written simply with just a sentence or two on each page. The illustrations are warm, but also illustrate the difficulties faced by the little family.

Potato: A Tale From The Great Depression is an excellent picture book to help young children begin to understand what happened to families during this tumultuous time. It also makes an excellent starting point for discussing character traits such as perseverance and sacrifice.

Highly recommended with a permanent place on our family bookshelves. 🙂

10 Days of Learning from The Great Depression

This is part of my 10 Days of Learning from The Great Depression series which is part of iHN’s October Hopscotch. See many more great series on all sorts of topics here.

Potato - A Tale from the Great Depression

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