5 Days of Christmas Peace

Listen – 5 Days of Christmas Peace

5 Days of Christmas Peace - Listen 2

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Listening is a skill that we must develop. Unless we are deaf for some reason, we all hear. But very few people become skilled listeners.

I remember teaching the twelve students in my first classroom how to listen. I created activities to do with them that required them to listen and process information carefully. This group of third, fourth and fifth graders became excellent listeners. They learned how to block out distractions, focus, and carefully follow someone else’s words.

Likewise, listening to God is a skill that we must develop. There are many ways that God will get our attention and speak to us. I think the ways that He speaks to us are often unique to our personalities and situations. Naturally He will never speak in a way that contradicts His character or Word. But I believe with all my heart and based on my own experiences that God is masterful in finding personal ways to communicate with each of His children.

Sometimes He speaks through the beauty of His creation – birds, flowers, stars.

Sometimes He speaks through a repeated theme in books, sermons or articles we read – grace, love, forgiveness.

Sometimes He speaks through hymns or songs.

Sometimes He speaks through specific Scripture passages we are led to by the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes He speaks through gifts or letters sent by other people.

The longer we walk with God, the more clearly we begin to see patterns in the ways He will get our attention and speak to us. Although He may not speak to us in an audible voice, we can become very skilled at listening to the way He speaks to us.

During this Christmas season, I challenge you to make a special effort to listen to God. Ask Him to open your eyes to what He has to show you. Look for the ways He is speaking to you through whatever means He chooses.

Wait, expectantly, on the Lord.

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5 Days of Christmas Peace - Listen

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