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Kindergarten and First Grade Fall Unit Ideas, Crafts and Books

Kindergarten and First Grade Fall Unit Ideas, Crafts, and Books 2

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I love fall. Is there any other season that comes close to the joy that autumn brings?  I enjoyed putting together some very simple and easy-to-implement ideas to share with parents and teachers looking for fall-themed ideas for their fall unit. These autumn lesson ideas and read aloud suggestions are quick and easy and will work well in September and October.

Sorting Nuts, Leaves, and Pine Cones

Have students collect a variety of nuts, leaves, and pine cones from outdoors. (If no suitable place is available, then bring in a variety of these fall objects and have students use them in sorting exercises.) Nuts can be sorted by shape, colors, or sizes as can the leaves. Pine cones can be sorted by size as well. If you live somewhere without these items occurring in nature, you can order pine cones online.

Leaf Rubbings

Take students on a walk to collect fall leaves. Have the students make leaf rubbings using peeled crayons and white paper. Students place the leaf under the paper and then rub the side of the crayon over the hidden leaf. The leaf’s texture will show through the paper.

Five Fall Senses

Prepare a small book for each student with pages that say, “My favorite fall smell is ______.” and so on, with one page for each of the five senses. Help the students fill in the blank and draw a picture to accompany the sentence. If desired, brainstorm a list of possible words to use and put them in a word bank on a piece of chart paper or on the blackboard.

I Know It’s Autumn Book

I Know It’s Autumn by Eileen Spinelli is the fun story of young girl who shares all the ways she knows that autumn has arrived. The signs of the season include everything from Daddy getting her jacket out of the storage box to making zucchini bread with an elderly neighbor. The book has large illustrations and simple text, making it an excellent read-aloud.

I Know It's Autumn

Apple and Pumpkins Read Aloud

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell tells the story of a young girl who picks apples and pumpkins with her mother and father. After they arrive home, they carve jack-o-lanterns and enjoy trick or treating. The colorful illustrations and simple text make it a great read-aloud for kindergarten and first grade students who are learning about fun fall activities.

Apples and Pumpkins

Apple Farmer Annie

Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington is a brightly illustrated book with cheerful pictures and simple text. Annie is an apple farmer and the book follows her through her fall activities of collecting the apples from her orchards, making apple goods, and selling everything at the farmer’s market in the city. This book lends itself to starting many different fall activities.

Apple Farmer Annie

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Fall Literacy and Math Pack

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Fall and Pumpkins Bundle

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November Writing Prompts

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November Literacy and Math Pack

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November and Thanksgiving Bundle

Fall is such a wonderful time to teach kindergarten and first grade students. They thoroughly enjoy the various autumn activities, including bringing pieces of nature into the classroom. Preparing an autumn themed unit can be fun and easy by including just a few of these activities and a variety of apple themed books for read alouds. Students of this age also enjoy

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