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Internet Accountability and Filtering with Covenant Eyes

Protect Your Family With Internet Accountability and Filtering 2

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I received a one year subscription to Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability and Filtering in exchange for reviewing the service. All opinions and content are my own.

We are heavy technology users. Between working from home, homeschooling, and having a daughter who learns best with technology, we utilize our laptops and Kindles a lot every day. I want to allow Caroline as much freedom to use technology as possible since it is a big part of her life, but I am also deeply committed to keeping her from destructive and harmful information online. I started researching different options and was pleased to discover Covenant Eyes which offers both internet accountability and filtering.


Covenant Eyes Web Site

Installing Covenant Eyes on Devices

Once we signed up for the service, it took us about a half an hour to load it onto three laptops and three Kindles. For the laptops you download from the Covenant Eyes site. For the Kindles, you are directed to a Covenant Eyes app in the Amazon App Store. Covenant Eyes works with both Android and Apple products whether it is computer, tablet or phone.


Covenant Eyes In Amazon App Store

Is It Working?

The morning after we loaded it, David immediately noted that one of the sites he likes to visit had been blocked. Can you guess why?


Map Porn Front Page

Yes, Mapp*rn had been blocked until we entered a password to override it. LOL! So we know it is working!

Updates in Your Mailbox

You are able to set up accountability partners so someone else can keep an eye on your viewing habits. You have the option of customizing how often your receive updates in your mailbox. I receive them daily, but you can set them up at a frequency that works for you. The report shows in detail everything that happened on every device.

I like that an email pops up that says “Report Looks Good for CB” which instantly tells me that everything is good with Caroline’s habits. I will still look at the details of what she’s doing online, but I like the daily report that reminds me. We still have other guidelines in place as well such as not using technology behind a closed door, but Covenant Eyes gives us all one more layer of accountability that we know is there watching us all the time.

Customizable Plan Options

There are numerous ways to customize the plans to your situation. There are individual, family and group plans available. You can choose accountability, filtering or both. There are various levels of filtering so you can set different levels that are appropriate to your children. It truly is customizable!

I’ve found the folks at Covenant Eyes to be helpful and kind. I have no doubt if I have any issues with my account that I will be promptly helped. I know they would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you take protecting your children online seriously, I highly recommend checking out what Covenant Eyes has to offer today.

Protect Your Family With Internet Accountability and Filtering


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