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Encouraging Children to Write a Handwritten Letter

Encouraging Children to Write a Handwritten Letter 2

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I remember the thrill of hearing “You’ve got mail!” when email was just taking off. Now I’m much more about the thrill of receiving a handwritten note or letter in the mailbox. Something written by hand on pretty stationery is more personal and almost as valuable as gold today. I’m trying to encourage Caroline to take the time to send a personal note to people who are important to her, especially now that handwriting is no longer an issue for her. For that reason, I was very interested when I learned of Basic Invite and had the opportunity to order some of their beautiful personalized stationery for Caroline.

Girl handwriting a personal note

Why Encourage Children to Write Personal Letters by Hand?

There are a number of reasons I think it is worthwhile to send a handwritten letter. I believe it has the potential to instill in Caroline a number of things.

  • Write in an authentic context, not in a school lesson
  • Encourage deeper relationships with others
  • Practice the gift of encouragement
  • Leave a written legacy

Beautiful Personalized Stationery

I have always appreciated being able to order personalized stationery. There is something thrilling about seeing your name spelled out beautifully. This is especially true if you have a different name like mine you absolute cannot find anywhere off the shelf! Caroline enjoyed looking through the Basic Invite website and eventually chose Garden Watercolors Business Stationery.

Personalized notecards and envelopesThen she had fun using Basic Invite’s customization feature. She was able to go in and change the colors to exactly what she wanted on her notecards. She could also choose the font for her name. When the notecards arrived, I was impressed by the quality – a very nice notecard with pretty ink.

Personalized Notecards for Women and Girls

Write a Personal Letter to Grandpa and Grandma

Caroline decided the first note would be to grandpa and grandma (my parents) telling them hello both from her and her fish.

Handwriting a note to grandpa and grandma

It would not be a Caroline letter if it didn’t include artwork of her own as well!

Letter to grandpa and grandma

Basic Invite has so many lovely products above and beyond the large stationery collection Caroline perused. They offer many pretty birth announcement as well including photo birth announcements, customizable birth announcements, and baby girl birth announcements. Their stationery has over 40 different colors of envelopes to choose from and you can order custom samples to make sure the stationery you are ordering for yourself (or for a gift!) is exactly what you have in mind. Be sure to look at the top of this page to see the current discount code which is usually good for 15% off!

Basic Invite Customizable Stationery
Encouraging Children to Write a Handwritten Letter


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