5 Days of Saying “No”

5 Days of Saying No 2

I believe that the word “No” is powerful in a positive and freeing way.

Learning to say “No” set me free in many ways. It freed me from the expectations of others, a false sense of obligation, and unhealthy relationships.

Since I found the freedom to say “No,” I’ve narrowed my life focus to what I believe God has called me to do. If a request doesn’t fit within those parameters, I need a pretty compelling reason to consider something outside of them.

I desire to see people set free and that is why I wrote this series.

I want other people to find the ability to say “No” to the requests, demands, and obligations that don’t fit their life.

What that looks like will be different for each person. What might be a resounding “No” for me might be a huge “Yes” for someone else. But the bottom line in each life should be the freedom to follow as God leads us individually, to focus on the parts of our life that are most important, and to free us from negative stresses and influences.

May God bless you with wisdom, discernment, and courage through the Holy Spirit as you consider each part of this series.

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