Ultimate Back to School Pin

The Ultimate Back-to-School Giveaway!

Ultimate Back to School PinWhen putting together this iHomeschool Network Back-to-School Giveaway extravaganza, I thought to myself… What do homeschoolers and teachers want? I think it is pretty simple.

  • Coffee
  • Free Curriculum
  • Books and Supplies from Amazon

So that is what you will win in this giveaway!

This prize includes three gift certificates. You will win:

(Fine print: Caroline’s shopping cart not included. The Apples Galore! and Back to School products shown are samples of what you can purchase in my store.)

You can enter my giveaway right here. And then be sure to enter some of the other 27 gift baskets below or at the iHN Giveaway page! Best wishes for a great back to school!

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(1) STEM {Science, Technology, Engineering, Math} Gift Basket from Amy
(2) Hands On Science Basket from Colleen
(3) Second-Third Grade Back to Homeschool Giveaway from Heidi
(4) Back To School Sensory Resources Basket from Nicole


(5) Foreign Language Learning from Selena
(6) Toddler Fun Basket from Dianna
(7) Apologia Basket from Stephanie
(8) Tot School Supplies Basket from Kara


(9) Middle School Science Basket from Megan
(10 Nature Discovery Gift Basket from Amy
(11) The Ultimate Back-to-School Giveaway from Sallie
(12) Explorer’s Basket from Tina


(13) Back to School Gift Basket from Janine
(14) Back to School Homeschooler’s Art & More Basket from Renee
(15) Classically Charlotte Gift Basket from Lara
(16) Learn to Knit and Crochet Giveaway Basket from Aadel


(17) Let Freedom Ring ~ A Back to School Patriotic Giveaway from Eva
(18) Geography Learning Tools Basket from Heather
(19) Back To School with Financial Peace Giveaway from Amy
(20) High School American Literature and Research Writing Curriculum from Vicki


(21) Five Homeschool Essentials Giveaway from Sam
(22) Getting organized for the new year from Laurie
(23) American History Basket from Karyn
(24) Nature Study Bag from Alicia


(25) Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Basket from Cindy
(26) Mom’s Favorite Things from MacKenzie
(27) Pampering Mama basket from Shannen

117 thoughts on “The Ultimate Back-to-School Giveaway!

  1. Christina C.

    Awesome giveaway! We would start with the Back to School Literacy and Math packet and the Polar Creatures Lapbook!

  2. Tamy S

    This giveaway looks great! If I had to narrow it down, I’d choose the MLK Jr fact cards, because my oldest son loves MLK Jr.

  3. Melissa Bell

    I would love to get some of your Math activities and Christmas as well. I like to do things that are more fun and less “school” like for December!

  4. Yahiliz

    Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway. It will surely be a blessing to any family! We would get the math facts.

  5. zekesmom10

    Fact families! Math is the bane of my homeschool existence. I know it’s August and I shouldn’t even say this right now, but Christmas Around the World. And all of your fun fact cards.

  6. Teri Carlson

    I would likely purchase a math or science pack/bundle from your site. We love ALL science and I could use all the help I can get teaching math! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Anna L.

    Christmas Around the World Fun Fact Cards or Canada Fun Facts Cards since we travel to Canada frequently to see family, or the Chinese New Year Fun Fact Cards.

  8. Leigh Owens

    I would like the Noun or Verb unit. I could use it with my own children and with the children I tutor. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!!

  9. Emilie Sellers

    I LOVED the idea of the Fun Fact cards….ALL of them! Specifically, I thought the Christmas ones might be a fun way to count down the days to Christmas!

  10. Dianna Thomas

    Oh thats not an easy question– 1. Fun Fact Cards, 2. Rocks, and Minerals and 3. Science pack,all would be great to have this year

  11. Heather B

    I would buy the Fact Families Math Activity. My daughter is struggling to learn her math facts. Although we would love all the holiday themed units too!

  12. Jessica Carlson

    Darn, I knew I should have just cheated and copied someone else instead of actually checking out all of your stuff… Too much good stuff to choose from! I really like the notebook pages though, and bingo would be fun :)

  13. Rebecca Xavier

    I would want the America Literacy and Math Pack โ€“ 30+ Centers, Activities for All Patriotic Holidays.

  14. Christina

    So many to choose from! Maybe the Sort, Count and Graph Math Activity. Not sure… my son can count and sort but really haven’t done any graphing yet. Definitely something math-related, since this is his interest at the moment. (Have to keep myself away from the Geography ones if I only get to choose one! ha)

  15. Becca W

    Hands down, fun fact cards… If I had to narrow it down to one thing, though, it would be the Rhyming Match. My youngest is having so much fun learning rhyming words right now :)

  16. Kirsten

    I would buy the “Telling Time Math activity” ooo- telling time has been a headache, especially the quarter hour.

  17. Marianne

    How would I choose? I’m afraid I may just want to buy out the whole store whether I win or not. I love fact cards – history – art… Seriously where to start?

  18. tiffy

    Oh it would be hard to choose but I really like your fact cards and think my littles would too. Thanks forย the opportunity!


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