Using Sticker Books as Learning Tools

Using Sticker Books as Learning Tools

Using Sticker Books as Learning Tools

Like many little ones, Caroline is fascinated by stickers.  I found My Big Book Of Stickers and it was a fabulous teaching tool!

We garnered hours and hours of learning time from this one book. I actually should say David did because this was an activity that primarily David did with Caroline after supper while I was walking.

The sticker book offered the opportunity to work on motor skills.  Peeling and working with those little stickers is a great exercise for a toddler.  Caroline’s skills in this area improved significantly over the weeks we used this book.

It was a great discussion tool.  The book covers the subjects of ABC, Animals, Colors, Mix and Match, Numbers, Shapes, Sizes and Words.  Every time we put stickers in the book, we discussed the objects and/or concept on the page.  We used it as a launching pad for going above and beyond what was on the page.

The book is colorful with large pictures and stickers.  Everything is labeled so it is possible to use it for print awareness as well.  Now that the book is completed, it is in Caroline’s book basket in the living room.  She still looks at it every day even though it was completed weeks ago.

I really enjoy using sticker books as fun teaching tools and am currently on the lookout for the next one!

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