Spring Literacy and Math Pack

Spring Literacy and Math Pack


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Product Description

This spring-themed mega pack is full of 19 centers and activities that include reading, writing and math topics.

The two parts of this Spring Literacy and Math Pack are also available separately in my Spring Literacy Pack and Spring Math Pack. (But you save money if you buy them together!)

All of the student sheets are provided in both color and black/white.

Appropriate for first grade and second grade, depending on student skill level.


Syllable Count – Students will determine if the word has one, two or three syllables and record the answer on the student sheet in the appropriate column.

Springtime True or False? – Students will determine if the sentence is true or false. They will cut out the sentences and glue on recording sheet in either the true or false column.

Spring Cross Out – Students will cross out the word in each line that doesn’t belong. They will then use some of the words to write three sentences about Spring.

Help Ladybug Get Home! – Students will make a path by coloring in the squares with long vowel sounds to help Ladybug get back to the garden.

Spring Sentence Scramble – Students will unscramble five different sentences on cards and record the sentence on the student sheet.

Spring List It! – Students will try to think of a spring word for each letter of the alphabet.

Noun or Verb? – Students will sort the cards into two piles (nouns and verbs) and record on student answer sheet.

Sight Word ABC Order – Each card has five words from Fry’s First 100 Words and the beginning of Fry’s Second 100 Words. Students will record the card number on the student answer sheet and write the five words in ABC order.


Addition and Subtraction Story Problems (w/out regrouping) – Students will read the story problem on the activity card and determine if they need to add or subtract. They will solve the problem and record their answers on the recording sheet. Answer cards are also included if the teacher would like to make them available so students can check for their answer.

Fact Families – Students will solve the fact families on the center cards. They will record their answers on the student sheet. Fact families included: 1-2-3, 2-3-5, 3-4-7, 4-2-6, 5-3-8, 5-4-9, 7-3-10, 9-2-11, 7-1-8, 4-8-12, 4-6-10, 2-5-7, 2-7-9, 2-8-10, 4-7-11, 3-6-9, 3-8-11, 3-9-12, 1-1-2, 2-2-4. 3-3-6, 4-4-8, 5-5-10, 6-6-12, 7-7-14, 8-8-16, 9-9-18, 10-10-20. Recording sheets come in both triple digit and double digit format.

Adding Change – Students will count the total change pictured on the activity cards. They will record their answers on the student sheet. Answer cards are also provided if the teacher would like to make them available.

Least to Greatest – Students will list the five numbers of the activity card from least to greatest on their recording sheet.

I Have, Who Has? Time Cards – Students will play a game to reinforce time reading skills. There are 32 cards that cover hour, half hour and quarter hour.

1 More and 1 Less – Students will record the answer of one more and one less.

10 More and 10 Less – Students will determine the answer for ten more and ten less and record on sheet.

Fill in the Missing Numbers – Students will fill in the 1-120 grid with the missing numbers.

Three Digit Addition – Students will add three digits to determine total.

Addition – Students will complete double digit addition problems without regrouping.

Missing Addend – Students will determine the missing addend.


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