Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holder display idea

I haven’t figure out what to do with this idea, but I just love it!  I’m thinking Caroline’s artwork, but many of her things are bigger than this.  (She works on a grand scale most times!)

Could be handy for scrapbooking supplies if they were the right size. So many of mine are larger than this.

How would you use this?

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4 thoughts on “Paper towel holder display idea

  1. judy

    Have you seen the dollhouse made from three ring binders? I thought that this would make a great ‘storage’ spot for different backgrounds. I’m hoping to try this with my five year old granddaughter. She likes to have options, and she likes to have those options visible.

  2. alice

    To make the pages stand up, insert a sheet of heavy weight paper or cardboard in each sleeve.

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