Inauguration Day 2013 Literacy Activities Pack!

I’ve created this special literacy pack for celebrating Inauguration Day 2013 and America in general. The Inauguration Day 2013 Literacy Activities Pack includes a variety of activities for students in the age range of first through third grade.

Included are:

  • KWL – Assess your students’ prior knowledge, direct their learning, and assess their final knowledge.
  • ABC Order – Put the sets of words in the correct order.
  • Scrambled Sentences – Unscramble and write.
  • True or False – Cut out the sentences and determine if they belong in the true or false column.
  • Word Scramble – How many words can you make?
  • Venn Diagram – President versus King
  • Inauguration Day Word Search – Twelve highly-relevant words/phrases
  • Memory Game
  • Write a newspaper article about the inauguration
  • Make a four things list about America
  • And more!

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