Enter to win one of three copies of The Old Schoolhouse 2013 Annual Print Book (Scroll down for newer posts!)

If you are a long-time homeschooler, you probably remember when The Old Schoolhouse (TOS) was a quarterly print magazine.  Last year they made the decision to go to monthly and digital.  If you miss the print issues, here is your chance!

TOS has a beautiful 2013 Print Annual that just came out in bookstores. It is 272 pages and full of great articles.  It’s also beautifully designed. (I’m prejudiced because David did the design and layout!)

It sells for $12.95 at the bookstore. I am going to give away three copies here!  Just participate below for chances to win! (United States and Canadian mailing addresses only!)

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5 Responses to Enter to win one of three copies of The Old Schoolhouse 2013 Annual Print Book (Scroll down for newer posts!)

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  2. Paula says:

    I really enjoy your creative ideas for learning. I have homeschooled 4 children and my last one is a lot like your daughter. My other children were different so I feel like an inexperienced parent with this one. :)

  3. becky says:

    Do the editors/founders of Old Schoolhouse still support No Greater Joy/The Pearls? I used to subscribe years ago and I read the blog of one of the ladies–I believe the founders were two sisters? Anyway, I recall when opposition to the Pearls began to spread across the internet Old Schoolhouse took a stance supporting Michael & Debi Pearl. Maybe they’ve changed their opinion since then but I totally lost interest in the magazine when I left patriarchy.

  4. Sallie says:


    I just sent a note to Gena, the TOS publisher, asking her your question. I’ll post her response when I receive it.

    For the record, I do not agree with the Pearls or their methods.

  5. becky says:

    OK, I looked up her name–it’s Jenefer Igarashi, I think she’s Gena’s sister. Anyway, I found her stance on Debi Pearl’s book on this blog

    “At this point, I would heartily agree with Jenefer Igarashi (senior editor of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine) in her posted comment: ‘Only God’s Word is perfect. But I do not at all believe the book is dangerous, on the contrary I still heartily recommend it constantly and frequently. I feel that overall this book is highly beneficial and that if it is read in the spirit that it’s written (how wives can bless their husbands by living as graceful servants of Christ), it will be a great blessing to those who read it.’ ”

    And then here they make a statement about where the HSB/TOS staff stands on the “Created” controversy…basically they say don’t take a stance one way or the other.

    Probably it was Jen Ig’s support of the Pearls and not a TOS “official” stance that turned me off from TOS altogether. Though knowing what I know now about the Pearls and No Greater Joy I think TOS should’ve taken a stance against them instead of remaining neutral.

    Didn’t Rebekah Pearl-Anast used to write for TOS? This was all so long ago I’m having trouble remembering…It was roughly 7 years ago. I just knew TOS had left a bad taste in my mouth for some reason :-)

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