Daily Education News – May 14, 2014


Wednesday education news! :D

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How To Inspire the Next Generation of Creative Thinkers and Innovators from The Creativity Post

Able readers damaged by phonics, academic says from BBC News

Why Gen Y doesn’t homeschool from Penelope Trunk

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One thought on “Daily Education News – May 14, 2014

  1. Peggy

    There are less individualist ways of homeschooling, through co-ops and online schools and so on, but I can see that it’s hard for those of Gen Y to even take the first step outside the lines of the status quo. Probably there’s an opportunity there for teachers who want to provide a trained umbrella for homeschoolers to work under.

    For me (Gen X), homeschooling is pretty easy: I’ve had to do so many things on my own, starting in childhood, that homeschooling is just a logical next step.

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