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Hibernation Homeschooling

Our Experince with Hibernation Homeschooling

Many of you have probably heard the term carschooling which is about homeschooling on the go. But I would guess you’ve never heard of the opposite – Hibernation Homeschooling. That’s because I made it up to describe what Caroline and I have done this winter.

Rather than going through a detailed telling of all the events over the fall that led up to this, I’ll summarize it by saying that we were worn out from running around, sick of being sick, and basically hit the wall. When Caroline got Influenza A in early December, that was the proverbial … Read more »

Hygge, Cabin Fever and a Cardboard Playhouse

Hygge, Cabin Fever and a Cardboard Playhouse

When you live in a place with long winters, you need to develop ways of not just coping with winter but thriving in it. Winter in Michigan begins sometime in November and ends sometime (hopefully) in March. That’s many weeks of cold, snow and dark. On top of that, West Michigan can be rather cloudy due to the effects of Lake Michigan. Winter is a significant part of life here.

I had never heard of the Danish concept of hygge until a few years ago, but as soon as I read about it I knew we were already doing it … Read more »

Presidents’ Day Lapbook, Activities and Resources

Presidents’ Day Lapbook, Activities and Resources

Presidents’ Day is coming up and I wanted to help you get a jump on your planning! I’ve gathered up some great activities and resources that focus on the two American presidents we’re celebrating – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the combination of materials in this post is enough to put together a comprehensive Presidents’ Day unit. Enjoy!

First up is my Presidents’ Day Lapbook (or Interactive Notebook).

This is an easy to assemble lapbook and it looks great when it is done.

It is especially designed to work well with reluctant writers or children … Read more »

Easy Winter Writing Projects, Ideas and Writing Prompts

Easy Winter Writing Project Ideas and Writing Prompts

Winter offers so many great opportunities for creative writing projects! If you are looking for something to add a little variety to your writing time, here are some easy winter writing projects,  ideas and writing prompts to encourage developing writing skills.

Cabin Fever Idea List

Brainstorm fun activities that can be done inside when the weather is too bad to go out. Create a list, type it up and display it somewhere in the home for when you need inspiration!

Winter Sticker Stories

Kids love stickers and they can be a great way to promote writing! Give your child a sheet … Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Seasonal and Holiday Boards on Pinterest

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Seasonal and Holiday Boards on Pinterest

I love Pinterest. It is by far my favorite social media tool. I enjoy scrolling through all the ideas. In the past I had to keep all my ideas in files, on paper. Now I can keep so many more and find them so much more quickly!

I’ve assembled below what I’m calling The Ultimate Guide to the Best Seasonal and Holiday Pinterest Boards. These are primarily Pinterest boards by fellow homeschool blogger moms who are a part of the iHomeschool Network (iHN). I’ve broken it down by topic in academic calendar order starting with autumn.

The list isn’t fancy. Even … Read more »